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The doorbell rang a few times according to the tune that the boy liked — Shape of you by Ed Sheeren , it was his jam recently .

Somin groaned while dragging her tired feet to the door as she adjusted her loose t-shirt so that she would at least look somewhat presentable and covered since she wasnt wearing a bra underneath . She wasnt exactly busty , so things worked out just fine . She couldnt care less about her messy bun or her grandma pants though .

She looked so tired , yawning and stretching her back after hearing a satisfying crack sound .

"Who is it ? I swe—"

She was about to holler at the stranger outside the door since it made her leave her conversation with Taehyung halfway. However , as soon as she managed to get the door open ever so slightly , her jaws dropped at the sight of the familiar figure , leaning against the wall .

Little did she expect to see him staring back at her , waving while smiling cheekily .

She stared back in shock and awe , her boyfriend was here in the flesh , pinching her cheeks . "So ... how long do you want me to stand outside ? Can i go in now ?" He let out a small chuckle while playfully planting a kiss on her forehead .

Confusion was written all over her face . Millions and millions of thoughts ran through her mind — she asked herself if she was dreaming , but she knew that it couldnt be possible since she felt the pain still lingering around her cheeks after the pinch . It felt unreal .


"In the flesh , pumpkin ." He replied without hesitation, shutting the doors for her and pinning her swiftly against it . He leaned down and looked at her puppy-like eyes , before staring at her hair .

"Your hair ... it grew quite alot already ." He smiled at the sight of that , " i told you , i will come back soon when it grows out fully to its original length , didnt i ?"

"You and your hair fetish — it didnt even grow out that much , its just an inch different .. wh— how are you here ?"

"Dont tell me you skipped class for me ?" She stared back at his brown orbs , searching for his answers but he only ran his fingers through her hair , smiling .

"No ... i had a couple of days break since there was this kid in my school who had accidentally burnt down the school's kitchen during his cooking lesson . The fire spread along the whole corridor but thankfully no one got hurt though the damage was still there . So now the school is currently renovating and students are granted a few days of break ."

"I figured i could surprise you ... and so i kept it away from you ."

Her eyes started tearing , her nose was getting redder by the minute and she could feel the non existent tap in her nose loosening , ready to let the water flow out . She wanted to cry at that moment — she was very overwhelmed.

She had not thought of a possibility like this at all. She almost wished that the same kid who burnt down the kitchen transfers to her school and do the same so she can skip school for a year and follow Taehyung .

"So now , where are dem nudes ?" He joked before carrying Somin in a bridal style manner , bringing her over to her bed .

"Wheres my welcome back kiss ?" He continued teasing Somin , knowing that she wasnt someone as expressive as himself . He loved how he had this effect on her . Seeing the red blush on her cheeks made him instantly smile .

Somin bit her lips and decided to just give it a go , she threw herself above Taehyung , squirming to shift higher to match their height . She leaned in and placed her lips on his , feeling the sparks that she had missed for months .

She let out an accidental moan when she felt him biting her lips , asking for entrance .

She pushed herself away before hiding under her covers , causing Taehyung to laugh even louder , arms embracing her petite body .

"I know you arent ready , i wont force anything on my pumpkin . Lets just stay like this for 3 days — we can just stare at each other okay ?"

Nodding sheepishly , Somin agreed and both of them felt warm and happy just at the sight of one another . She felt completed with Taehyung around her .

Although it could be just a few days with him , she was thankful . He was her oxygen , she needed him .

Now that he's here , she wouldn't feel lonely anymore .

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