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Somin's POV

I tapped my fingers impatiently on my lockscreen of Taehyung and I . Waiting impatiently for his first call of the day , i was getting alittle worried about him since i knew that he wasnt exactly fluent in English and he was in a english- speaking country .  He would probably embarrass himself and laugh afterwards .


"Oh my God, Tae!" I squeaked , smiling like an idiot at my small phone screen when i saw that he had finally called me .

"I've just landed , look at all of these caucasians ! Damn , i feel so foreign here !" He screamed into the video chat while spinning around with his phone , showing me where he was currently at while waving to random passerby .

"Stop embarrassing yourself!" I exclaimed before giggling , watching him acting like a little kid .

"Somin , i wished you were here beside me , we would have so much fun together ."

"Im going to my first location and check in to the academy . Im going to be living in a dormitory with 6 other guys whos enrolled in the school too ." He spoke while walking out of the airport , waiting for a cab to stop by before hopping in , speaking with a korean accent to the driver .

He was still connected on the call with me despite knowing how much data it might have cost him — but i knew it was never part of his worry . He was filthy rich with a family that could even possibly take care of two generations in the future .

Since it must have been really awkward for him when he was in an enclosed area with the driver , he kept quiet the whole time but instead , he made funny faces for me to see while i laughed my ass off , snuggled up in my bed . He would send a few replies while i spoke verbally for him to listen .

It was spring break a few days later and i couldnt care less about the assignments that are due , i could always catch up the next term and do some extra credit activities to patch it all back .

"Tae... when will you be back again?" I spoke softly into the screen , gulping .

Suddenly , the screen went blank and my heart dropped for a moment . Feeling panicky , i exited out of the videochat application before going onto kakao , only to see Taehyung online at the same time .

1 new message!

"Im not coming back."

My face fell faster than my grades in science . In that instant , I've became as pale as a piece of paper and my mouth hung wide open with my lips parted , forming a "o" shape .  The 4 words stared back from the screen as it haunted me , making me read it once or twice — or perhaps even a million times .

Oh no he didnt.

He did not just send me that .

He did not .

He did .


1 new message !

"Im just pulling your leg ! Ive learnt a new phrase from the cab driver — im going to be so fluent in english in no time !"


"Im not going to reply you anymore , you piece of $¥£& "

i replied and sent him immediately , onto to see that i have an incoming call from him .

Answering it , he frowned and pouted at me , batting his eyelashes at me , asking for forgiveness."Im sorry pumpkin . I didnt mean it ." He apologized but i did not say a word in response .

"Please say something ? I need to know that you are okay before i stop infront of the academy , im reaching already ." He went on pulled a few faces that made me laugh .

"I still hate you ."

"I love you too pumpkin— i gotta go now . Wish me luck!" He exclaimed before posing for me which i managed to screenshot in time .

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