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Third person's POV

It has been three years ... ever since they have separated for a year . They made it through and now the male was absolutely nervous , tapping his feet in a rhythmic pattern , waiting for her to walk out from the door .

Yes — she said yes when he popped the question .

They were now in a wedding gown shop , waiting for the staff to help dress Somin up in a gown  . He couldnt help but to feel nervous , waiting anxiously for her to come out in the dress that he specifically picked a few days ago when he came here alone to check the store out since she was busy with her new career as a business woman .

"Are you ready Tae ?"

He could hear the excitement from her voice , teasing him . He stopped tapping his foot and adjusted his tie after clearing his throat . "Offcourse ." He replied as calmly as possible .

The moment the door opened , his eyes travelled from her head to her toe , gulping . He knew that she would be pretty , but he had never imagined her to be this pretty .

The dress that he had picked out was a pearl white off shoulder that goes all the way down to her feet , showing off her sexy collar bones that he liked . She wore heels and had dangling earrings made of pure silver and diamond , a gift from Taehyung last year during her birthday . The back of the dress had some laces that were altered to emphasize on Somin's thin waist , giving her the chance to show off her natural curves . The frills at the bottom were beautiful , an amazing finishing touch to this pearl white gown .

"Beautiful." He mumbled before jogging up to her , kissing her cheeks .

The staffs giggled while bowing down , excusing themselves out of the room since they sensed that they might kiss and needed some privacy .

Taehyung 's fingers travelled from her cheeks to her red lips , further travelling down to her exposed shoulders and collarbone before his whole self came crashing into her , hugging her tightly .

"You look so pretty and sexy in this , how am i suppose to let you wear this during our big day knowing that every man out there would be staring at you ?!" He scrunched up his nose , feeling jealous .

"Are .. you jealous ? Tae ... its our wedding and they know that i belong to you , nothing bad will happen ." she patted his back and Taehyung let go of her slightly, pouting .

"I cant believe that we are getting married . I've been dreaming about this day for many years and its finally happening ." His smile was so wide that it was starting to hurt him .

"Are you satisfied with this dress ? You look stunning pumpkin ." He complimented her while he backhugged her , standing infront of the huge mirror together .

"You're making me shy !" She covered her face with her hands but Taehyung quickly removed them .

"Dont cover up your gorgeous face . Let me stare at you more ."he continued .

"Im more than satisfied with this dress . I dont need to try others already , this is the dress i want to wear when i walk down the aisle ."

"But is my stomach too big ?" She asked , rubbing her tummy that was starting to show.

"It doesnt matter , its a matter of time when people realise that theres an unborn child in your stomach . I cant wait to see little Somin running around the house ." 

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