♥the fight♡

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  Naruto's POV

  I was walking to sasuke's office to inform him that i'am pregnant. When i was about to enter the building where sasuke is working I got stop by the guard " Sai What the hell...!!! let me in " i yelled at sai for not letting me in".

After a minute of fighting sai about letting me in, he finally gived up when i showed them those puppy eyes of mine.


  I arrived at sasuke's door when i started to hear moans coming from the inside. I didn't pay attention to the sound and  started to open the door silently.

  My eyes went wide and tears begun to fall from my eyes when i saw my boyfriend having sex with sakura the only friend i have.

  I watch them kiss with their tongue, how sasuke enjoyed thrusting her, how he moans loudly when he came inside sakura.

  I was shaking badly until i fell to the ground creating a sound that echoed around the room.

Sasuke's POV

  I pulled out from the kiss with sakura when i heard a banging sound from the doors direction.

  My eyes went wide in shock when i saw my blond from the ground crying. I didn't know what to do when i saw my boyfriend so i pulled my member out of sakura and i approached him.

  Naruto started to slap him self very hard so i run towards him and grabbed both his arms. " Naruto please stop" i said concerned when tears of regret began to roll down my cheek.
"Please wake me up from this nightmare" naruto said while sobbing he keep on reapeting the same word so i hugged him trying to calm him.

  "Why did you do this to me sasuke ??" Naruto said with a soft tone. "I'm sorry naruto i didn't mean to do it i'm very sorry.... please forgive me " i answerd while crying out my mistake.

  "I hate you sasuke" The last word i heard from naruto before he pushed me hard until i fell from my back before running down the building.

  I went back inside my office to wear my clothes before running after naruto. When i arrived from the entrance naruto was nowhere to be found.

  I decided to drive home hopping to still see naruto. When i arrived home i saw the door open so i hurried to the door. Naruto was about to leave with his bag when i stopped him.
  " Naruto please listen i can explain everything" i said with a convincing tone " i don't want to hear anymore of your lies sasuke". I walked closer to naruto to hug him when he pulled out a knife. " dare come closer and i will kill you" naruto said with an angry tone. " naruto please let me explain " i asked hoping he would listen instead he just walked past me (still pointing the knife at me). He walked towards his car then started the engine he rolled down his window to say something then left me in tears. " Stay away from me sasuke " was the last word naruto said before driving off.


I woke up with a painful headache."I should'nt have drink that much" i said to myself. I got the phone to answer the call.

"Hello ?"

"Sasuke!!! Please come here at the hospital naruto is in trouble!!!" Itachi said to sasuke.

"WHAT !!! What happened? I'll be there in a minute"

(Time skip) ......

I was approaching naruto's room when itachi stopped me "let me go!! I need to see naruto" sasuke shouted at his brother. " i know but we need to wait for the doctors instruction" itachi explained.

  Tears begun to fall at sasuke's face " i should'nt have cheated i should'nt have hurt his feelings i should be the one in that bed " sasuke said while sobbing at his brothers chest." it's not your fault sasuke" itachi said while hugging his brother caressing his back.


  A doctor oppened the door where naruto is " are you a family ?" The doctor asked. "Yes!!!, yes!!!, is he okay? " i answerd harshly. He sadly nodded like everything was not okay. "What!!" i shouted trying to make her say the news." The patient is ok, but the patient does not want any visitors for now especialy for the person named sasuke " the doctor said.

"We understand" itachi said while sasuke is standing there silent because of naruto not wanting him to visit.

(Time skip...)

3rd POV

  A week passed and naruto was finally out of the hospital.Naruto was supposed to be out from the hospital earlier but he has to stay because the doctor needs to check the baby inside of him.

Naruto's POV

  "Good thing your okay" naruto said while patting his belly. "I promise you when we arrive at amerika i'll give you the love you deserve even witout your father.

Sorry for the chapter it's still my second time writting a story.....

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