♥job♡ (part 2)

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Naruto's POV

(Next Morning)

Naruto's POV

Next morning i went to my job early because sasuke told me that i'll be taking sakura's place as sasuke's secretary.

I drived sky to school early since i need to go to my job early too."I'm sorry sky, i'll make it up to you next time" i said then kissed him goodbye.

I went to my work and when i got there no one was there except for me but ofcourse Sasuke is here since he told me that he is the earliest person to come and because he is the CEO of this company that needs to monitor the building every time.

I went to my bosses office and oppened the door i got shocked from what i saw that even tears has escaped from my eyes.

Sasuke is thrusting sakura with his member. They were both moaning loudly from the pleasure both of them stopped when they saw me.

"I'm very sorry for disturbing both of you, i forgot to knock" i said sobbing then closed the door gently.

I went down and exited the building i went to find a cafe so i can relax my mind.

After that i went back to Sasuke's office.(knock... knock... knock...)

"come in" a deep voice called. I entered and saw sakura and sasuke talking. "I'm here to talk about my job and things i should accomplish before heading home" i asked cutting them both from there talk." Oh yeah i'm sorry please head to that room" he said pointing at my back.

I smiled at him making him blush before closing the door. I went to the room he told me to go then again waited for him to come.


Sasuke's POV

When Naruto left i talked to Sakura about Naruto taking her place as my secretary. She got angry by my sudden decission but soon agreed with it since she knows that i'm the boss and i'm the one that should be followed.

I went to the room where i assigned Naruto to enter. I oppened the door and smiled devilishly "good morning Naruto" i greeted seductively.
"Good morning boss" he answerd back kind of scared "what ever your doing it won't work" he said.

I approached him and pinned him to the sofa where he is seated. I was going to kiss his neck but noticed that he was crying, i let go of his hand and apologize "i'm sorry" i said then hugged him " I'm sorry Naruto i did'nt mean to hurt you i said while sobbing on his shoulder. I keep on reapeting the same word until he started to hug me back "it's ok, why are you sorry for?" he asked."Naruto please forgive me i did'nt mean to hurt you back then" i added still sobbing on his ahoulder." What do you mean back then? " he asked. I was shocked from his answer then pulled out from the hug " what do you mean, we were boyfriends back then, REMEBER " i said angrily.
" Nope. Dont remember any boyfriend " he answerd.

" fine let's see if you dont remember this " i said while standing up. I removed my pants leaving me in my underwear. He got surprised from my sudden action when his face started to turn red. I got excited from his action when i noticed my member getting a bit excited then started to undo my underwear. " no stop! He shouted. I now remember just stop what your doing "
He yelled." Just what i thought " i said with a smirk.

(Time skip)

After that incident, i told Naruto all the things he should know, i toured him around the building and helped him transfer his stuff's.

Naruto's POV

when i was promoted as Sasuke's secretary i was about to refuse but thought about it again because i still need to support sky's studies so i accepted it. He helped me carry all my stuff and toured me arround.

After that tiring day we both drive off to our sons school. When i was at the school with Sasuke it is there where i realized that sky is Sasuke's father and that sky is like his father.

I panicked about the situation im at but soon got woried because ace is already here while sky is still no where to be found.
I approached the school to look for sky when sasuke stopped me "i'm comming with you" he said.

He then went to his car to put ace before we both went to find sky. As we enter the school we saw three boys hitting sky
" hey stop that " i shouted when sasuke speed out to where they were beating sky he pulled the three bullies then pinned them to the lockers (lockers because they are inside the school)
Creating a loud bang. I went to sky then picked him up while sasuke was scolding the three bullies not to do that again or else.

We both went out the school then proceeded to the hospital for sky to be checked. Sasuke told me that i was his secretary so he needs to know what i'll be doing.

So we both went to the hospital. "I need to buy sky something to eat, can you look for him for awhile" i asked " yes ofcourse " he answerd back

" oh and can i take ace with me " i added " sure and his a shy kid so ".
"Got it " i cut him off then carried him while kissing his forehead. He giggled as a response then we both exited the room where ace was.

Sasuke's POV

When naruto and ace went to buy some thing i asked sky about something. " so
Your name is sky right i asked " yes sir " he mumbled. " so why were you getting bullied " i asked again. " When our first day of school my teacher told me to tell them a story about my life since i was new to them. So i told them my story and even included their that i don't have a father. After that day some of them atarted to bully me because i don't have a father" he stated. I just stared at him and started to carress his head. He then got up then hugged me " i wish i had a father like you " he said while sobbing. He fell asleep from my shoulder so i put him back to his head.

(Knock...knock...knock) a nurse came then handed me an envelope "he is ready to go but you still need to bring him here atleast once a month for his check up" he said then exits the room. I oppened the envelop where sky's files were in. While i was reading it i got shocked but soon turned to happiness. I took a picture of it then put it back like it was not been touched. I woke sky up then carried him, i hugged him tightly then started to sway him back and forth when naruto came carrying ace while ace was sleeping.

"uhm.. what are you doing"
Naruto asked " oh a nurse came and told me that sky is good to go and he also gave me this envelope, don't worry i haven't oppened it yet " i answerd while still swaying sky.
" ok " naruto said kinda questioning.

After that talk Naruto invited me to their house and we had tomato soup my favorite but told me that it wasn't for me but for sky because it's his favorite too.


I know it sucks but still thank u for reading .....


AGAIN plssss.. comment for mistakes so i can edit i can't read it again so yeah it's booring

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