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Naruto's POV

  "Sky it's time to go" i yelled."coming mom" he shouted back.

  After a minute he came running down the stairs.
" Where's your bag?" I asked because it's his first day at school, i decided to put him in a private school since it is the closest to us." Oh yeah almost forgot" he said and i chuckeled a bit" what!! It's your fault for making me rush" he said angrily and just watched him go upstairs while i was still holding my laugh.


20 minutes passed and we finally arrived at the school."Bye mom" sky said while waving goodbye."bye, i love you, be good in school okay" i said.

I went back in my car and relaxed my head " sigh... now all i need to do is find a job" i said to myself. I already called gaara,kiba,shino, and all of my friends here in japan but no one knows any free job i can enter.

  I started to engine the car and went to the grocery store to buy supplies.

  As i was searching for supplies i saw a flier posted on the grocery stores door hiring for a job, i went to the cashier and payed the groceries, i went to my car to put the groceries and walk towards the flier.

  I red the flier and removed it from the wall. I searched for the buildings address then continued to drive to find it, after an hour of driving i finally found the address. I got the flier and started to walk towards the entrance.

  As i stepped inside i was amazed from the view it has those shiny chandelier hanging from the roof, those glass walls and the different designs of the building.

  After that beautiful sight seeing i went to the managers office, i struggled at finding it but eventually found it. I knocked on the door when i heared two voices"come in".

  I regret oppening the door because i saw the face i never wanted to see again.

  I oppened the door and saw the two most closest person in my life who cheated and shattered my heart into pieces sasuke and sakura. I got more pissed because i saw a child with pink hair, pale skin, and with those dark onyx eyes, but still i acted as if they were total strangers.

  "Hi, im Naruto Uzumaki and im here to apply for the job" i greeted then raise the flier i got from the grocery.

  they were still both shocked by my appearance.they didn't speak a word until i spoke" excuse me, im here to apply for my job" i repeated.

  "Oh yeah im sorry, please proceed to the room at your back" he insructed. I followed his instruction and went inside the room, i waited there for atleast 5 minutes when a man finally showed up.

Sasuke's POV

  After Naruto went to the opposite room i instucted sakura to take ace to school specially because his late.(Ace is Sasuke's son from Sakura). I have to prepare my words before speaking to him because i have never done it for atleast 7 years and i can't contain myself if i see him again.

  I walked  in from the room where Naruto is then greeted him " good morning Naruto"."good morning" he answerd back nicely with those killer smiles that can melt you within seconds.

  I controlled myself from him, trying not to do anything foolish. Before anything happens i sat infront of him and asked him "why did you decided to apply for this job"." Well i need a job because, where else can i get money if i don't get a  job, and my son goes to a private school so i need to earn money to support him" he replied.

  I got angry of Naruto when he told me he has a child " wait, what!! you have a child" i yelled while i slammed my hand on the desk.

  "I'm sorry i got carried away" i appologized before sitting back "so who is the father of your child" i asked with a slight angry tone.

  I noticed Naruto was shocked from the question but i paid no mind "I'm very sorry but i can't answer that" he answerd back. "And why is that" i asked, it took him a minute before he can answer "because he left us"
He said face down with slight tears in his eyes.

  I was shock by his sudden expression so i went to him and patted his back "i'm sorry" i said. " for what, it's not you fault" he said then wiped his tears.

  After 25 minutes talking i accepted him as one of my workers and told him to start tommorrow.


Naruto's POV

  i went to sky's school tired because of the long boring interview.

As i was driving off to sky's school a black car begun to follow  me " who would follow me? I mean im just new here, maybe he is just going the same way as i am" i mummbled to myself.


  I arrived at the school and got out of my car and waited for sky.

Sasuke's POV

  As i was driving off to ace's school i noticed the car i was following was kind of familiar, so i adjusted myself to see the person driving the familiar car, i spotted he has a blond hair and so i know
who it was " why is he going the same direction as me, does his child goes to the same school as my son" i asked to myself.

   He parked his car on the opposite side of the road where i parked my car so he cannot see me. Naruto got out of his car then leaned to it like he was waiting for someone.

  After waiting for ace i saw Naruto with his child, his child has dark hair, pale skin,blue eyes, and has those 3 whiskers on both his cheeks.

  " This kid is like me but has some of Naruto's physical appearance to maybe his my child " i said then laughed " who am i kidding Naruto would have told me if he was pregnant, right? " i said to myself.

I have this feeling telling me that he's my child but it's impossible. So i went to him to stop my curiosity but got stop by ace "dad im here" he shouted then noticed Naruto's glare like he was angry then drive off with his child.

  I just watched his car drive off while ace was pulling me to the direction of our car.

  After that incident with Naruto i started to think deeply " what if he realy is my child? " i thought to myself, i keep on thinking about that child until i fell asleep.

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