Chapter 1: A Miserable Day

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"Alyssa! Amanda! Emmett!" Sophie yelled up the stairs to her triplets. It was their second day at Foxfire as level ones and she was so excited for them. Sophie herself had never gotten to be a level one, but she was so excited that her kids got to experience what being level ones was all about.

All three of the triplets had already manifested with one ability, but Sophie and Fitz still had faith that they would have another ability. Since Alyssa and Amanda were Identical twins they had both already manifested into Telepaths, while Emmett had manifested into an Enhancer. The three kids came running down the stairs and Sophie gave them their food when they sat down at the table. 

"Okay kids, remember if the kids give you weird look you ignore them because you are not weird," Sophie instructed her kids.

"Plus your mother and I are both working at the school, so we will be keeping an eye on you three," Fitz smiled taking a sip of his coffee and wrapping his arm around Sophie waist.

"What about Kenric?" Emmett asked with a mouth full of food.

"Manners!" Alyssa and Amanda cried out at the same time. Emmett mumbled a sorry and continued to eat.

"Aunt Biana is watching him," Sophie answered. She whisked their plates away when they were done and put them in the sink.

"Alright everybody! School bags!" Fitz called handing the kids their school bags loaded with all of their supplies. They all went to the leap master and leapt to Foxfire.

"Hi Biana!" Sophie smiled giving Biana a huge hug.

"Bryant!" Emmett cheered giving his cousin a fist bump. Bryant looked so much like his dad, Keefe, it was almost scary. The only difference was that he had the bright teal eyes of his mother, Biana. Sophie pulled her five year old out from behind her legs and pushed him lightly towards Biana.

"Hi Kenric!" Biana smiled tickling Kenric's stomach. Biana also had a six year old daughter and a newborn baby boy. Their names were Liliana and Brody. 

"Have fun mentoring!" Biana told Sophie before light leaping away with Kenric. Sophie then saw that her kids and Fitz had left without her to greet Dex, Linh, and their daughter Esta. 

"Hey cous!" Dex smiled giving Sophie a huge hug. Sophie smiled and hugged him back.

"Hi Dex," Sophie smiled.

"Okay, Linh we need to talk to Biana and arrange an adult girls trip," Sophie told Linh. Linh nodded in agreement and soon Esta joined their group of family walking towards the school. Sophie could already feel other kids eyes on her kids. Somehow her mom senses told her that it was going to be a miserable day for them.

The Vacker triplets were the ones who made multiple births okay. They were supposed to be heros, but they were still treated like trash. Her kids were only eleven and they were already getting hate about stuff. Sophie grabbed Emmett hand in one of her hands and their Enhancing diffuser cuffs brushed against each other.

"Emmy, whatever you do today, don't take off your cuffs okay?" Sophie told her son. He nodded and pulled his hand out of her grip. Sophie sighed and laced her fingers with Fitz fingers.

"So we start off the day with cognate training for the girls," Sophie told Fitz. As soon as the girls found out they were telepaths they instantly wanted to know if they could be cognates.

"I know, I know," Fitz chuckled kissing Sophies cheek.

"Hey don't be doing anything more than that on school grounds!" A familiar voice range out next to them.

"Tammy!" The kids cried tackling him in hugs. Tam hugged all of them and Esta even jumped on his back.

"Esta be careful of the cape, the other Councilors will not be happy with me if I mess up this very expensive cape," Tam said to his little niece. Ever since Tam had accepted his job as a Councilor he seemed genuinely more happy and loved being around all of his nieces, nephews, and cousins.

"Don't worry Tam, we will 'get a room'," Fitz chuckled putting sir quotes around part of his sentence. Tam clapped his hand on Fitz back and whispered something into his ear. Fitz laughed and waved goodbye to Tam. 

"Okay kids go find your lockers and we will see you all later!" Sophie smiled pushing the kids off on their own.

"I really hope they don't have a miserable day," She sighed resting her head on Fitz arm.

"I hope so too," He confirmed.


Ahhhh!! The sequel to After Foxfire is here!!! I hope you guys like this and I am so excited to write this book! Thank you all for coming back to read the second book and I can't wait to continue writing it!

Also, I know there are several comments asking, "Why is Tam a councilor?" and "Tam hates the council." I did this because I felt like it fit into the story, and you need to take into consideration that it has been a long time since they were teenagers and their opinions can change, so Tam being on the council signifies that the Lost Cities are changing and that they want to make the council inclusive of all opinions and types of elves. I hope that explains it a little bit!

- teamxsophitz

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