Chapter 5: Interviews

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"The Councilors are starting to interview everyone in the school to find out who Harper's mystery child is," Fitz informed his children as they walked up to Foxfire. The mood of the whole school has drastically shifted as parents dropped their children off, many holding documents to prove the children belonged the their respective parents.

"Even us?" Alyssa asked, glancing around at the faces of the worried level ones, all knowing they were potential candidates.

"Even you," Fitz sighed, pressing a kiss on the top of her head. Sophie had stayed home sick, so it was just him and the triplets for the day.

"Who all are the interviewing?" Amanda asked.

"The level ones and two because both have a possibility of having a birthday within that time period," Fitz informed his children. He knew he was probably already giving them too much information, but as their parent, all he wanted to do was ease their worries.

"Will we have Tam as our interviewer?" Emmett asked, holding on tight to Fitz's wrist, the cold metal of his Enhancing cuff sending a chill up Fitz's spine.

"We'll see," Fitz replied as he messed with his son's hair. A frown formed on Emmett face as he let go of his father's hand and tried to smooth his wild hair.

"You will never fix that on your own," a voice called from behind them. Fitz and his children turned around to find Tam standing there. Tam walked over to Emmett and helped him fix his hair before turning to Fitz.

"You would make a great father," Fitz informed Tam as he gave him a hug. They both pulled away and Tam chuckled.

"I like just being an uncle, I hang out with the kids when I want and then send them back to you," He chuckled.

"Are you going to interview us?" Alyssa asked Tam.

"I might be able to pull a few strings," Tam smiled with a wink before he headed off into the school.

"We should also be heading that way as well, the first bell will be ringing soon and I do not want any of you to be late to your first period," Fitz told his children as he started to usher them into the school.

"We can go in by ourselves Dad!" Amanda whined as they pulled open the main doors.

"I know you can, but even though I may not be teaching today, I have been asked to sit in on the interviews along with Uncle Keefe and some other empaths and telepaths to determine if the children are lying or not," Fitz explained to his children.

"We'll never escape him," Amanda muttered to Alyssa as they started to walk away from their father.

I heard that girls, Fitz transmitted to both of them. They knew they had both heard it because they both jumped.

"What's up with you two?" Emmett asked.

"Be glad you don't have Dad talking in your head every second of the day," Alyssa told him before she licked her locker. Whatever the flavor was, it was gross.

"Elwin day?" Amanda asked, now scared to open her locker.

"Definitely an Elwin day," Alyssa responded as she tried to get the nasty taste out of her mouth.

Have you been called down yet? Amanda asked, her voice ringing through Alyssa's head as she tried to pay attention in her Universe class.

No, I think they're going by last name, Alyssa informed her sister.

Oh... Amanda paused Okay, I guess I'll see you at lunch then.

Alyssa shook her head, trying to not worry about what was happening to all of the other students in her level as she was trying to memorize the stars.

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