Chapter 4: You Were Our Miracle Baby

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Sophie gulped as she looked at Fitz, she had hoped that the day that she had to tell her kids who Harper was would never come. They didn't remember anything from when they were babies and both Sophie and Fitz had hoped to keep it that way.

"Kids, we need to sit down for this," Fitz told their kids. The triplets sat down and Kenric followed their lead, even though he was confused at his young age. Sophie squeezed Fitz's hand tight before she started to explain.

"When your father and I got our match makers lists, I was number two on your father's list, while a girl named Harper Nanite was number one" Sophie started to explain.

"Obviously, I chose your mother because she was the only person that I was ever going to love," Fitz added in.

"Anyways, when I was pregnant with you three she tried to attack me and give me a poison berry. Luckily, we were able to get it away from her, but unfortunately she ran away before we could catch her," Sophie continued. She paused to look up at Fitz because she need reassurance for what she was about to tell her children.

"When you three were born everything was fine, there were no signs of Harper and we thought she was gone for good. But when you were two weeks old you father and I left you three with Grandma Edaline, Aunt Biana, and a sweet girl named Marella. While we were gone—" Sophie couldn't finish her sentence before she broke out in tears. Fitz wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into his chest.

"While we were gone, Marella who was watching Alyssa, took her and left with her and Harper. We found out and rushed straight home. We searched for you for two months before we even had a clue where you were. Then, your mom heard a faint telepathic plea for help. We didn't know if it was you or not, so we followed to the the Forbidden Cities. The person calling for help was Aunty Sid, that is when we found her. We then also found Alyssa, Marella, and Harper." Fitz finished explaining for Sophie.

"So what happened to Harper?" Amanda asked.

"Well Harper was sentenced to a life in Lumineria. We also found out that she was a Mesmer. As it turns out, Harper mesmerized Marella into taking Alyssa, which is how she was able to capture her. Thankfully, when we found you, Alyssa, there was nothing wrong and we thought we would be able to live the rest of our lives in peace with Harper locked away." Fitz told the kids.

"So I was kidnapped as a baby?" Alyssa asked, stunned at the knowledge her parents had withheld from her.

Sophie nodded as she stared into her daughters eyes, "You were our miracle baby, we had a human ultrasound, which aren't completely accurate for elves, so we weren't sure if you were even in there. Then you were taken and we thought that we might never seen you again," Sophie whispered as she stroked Alyssa's soft cheek.

"Why did you never tell us this?" Amanda asked. Sophie sighed as she held onto Fitz tighter.

"We were going to tell you when you were older because we wanted you to be able to understand what happened," Sophie answered softly. All of her kids surrounded her in a big group hug. They heard the door click and knew somebody was coming in. Sophie and Fitz gave their children Mesmer blocking head gear and slipped in their own.

"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt your family time," Harper sneered as she lunged towards Sophie. Sophie used her telekinesis to throw a book at Harper. Harper stumbled backwards slightly and anger blazed in her eyes.

"You thought you could get rid of me didn't you?" Harper sneered.

"We did get rid of you!" Fitz yelled back at her.

"So you thought," Harper started, "Little did you know, I escaped from Lumineria for about a year twelve years ago and you never found out about it because I built a hologram of myself," She cackled with pride.

"Why did you go back?" Sophie challenged, attempting to keep Harper distracted, knowing Sandor and the others would be coming for her shortly. 

Harper flicked her hair off of her shoulder and let out a laugh, "Because I had a baby and didn't want to take care if him. So, I left him with his father and returned to Lumineria. Now that I am back I will make sure that my son takes over all of the Lost Cities!" She cackled evilly.

"To late for that!" Sandor growled as he snapped on Mesmer blocking handcuffs onto Harper. She growled as they dragged her out if the safe room.


The secret is out! Harper had a baby and nobody knew about it! Will she get out again and find her baby? Who could her baby possibly be? You'll find out soon. Love you all!

- teamxsophitz

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