Back in the days

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year 2030

Iknow I  shouldn't have walked away but I had no choice. I wanted to see him. I wanted to feel his lips on my skin for one last time. God knew when I was seeing him again, If I was seeing him again after this day. Nowadays it was almost a crime to go outside, you could get infected by the poor homeless people because they were the first ones who got infected by the virus who were made by the 'killers'  or you could take the risk to get killed by them.  I walked so fast that I barely could feel my legs. Mom and dad would kill me if they knew I was gone, but it was worth it. Jake Johnson was my bestfriend and lover since  I could remember, it was forbidden to see him, my parents hated  his family as long as I could remember , his family were rich and they were a part of the 'killers', actually they were the starters, it were the Johnsons who thought the world was overpopulated, and  in some way they were right but because of them millions of people died. But Jake was different, He was the one who understood what I was going through. He hated his family for doing this and I loved him more than anything.

The sun was almost down when I arrived at our spot, it was by a lake, the water was beautiful blue, like no where else. I  was lying in the grass playing with the grass in my hands  while looking  to the sunset when I felt two strong arms around my waist. I made a scream of joy. ''Jake!''  I said, I remember turning around , Jake had a big smile on his face  and I wrapped my arms around him, I smelled his aftershave. I hadn't  see him in two weeks. ''I missed you.'' Is what Jake whispered in my ear.

He started sitting next to me playing with my hands. I noticed him being quieter than normal, first I thought he was nervess but it was worse. ''I want you to kiss me.'' I said. Jake started laughing. he leaned towards me, I could feel his warm breath along my skin, It burned. Without a warning Jake shoves his lips against mine, it made my body relax. Jakes pulled me closer till I was sitting on his lap, in that moment I wished kissing him would never come to an end but Jake broke the kiss but his arms were still wrapped about my small body.

''Liv, I need to tell you something.'' Jake said. His voice was shaky just like his hands. I didn't wanted to talk about serious stuff, I had missed Jake for so long and all I wanted that moment was his touch on my skin. I started kissing him in his neck, he loved it, he always did, just like now because I could hear his breathing getting deeper than usually.

''Please liv, You want to know this.'' He said. I stopped kissing him and I start looking into his bright blue eyes. Did he cheat on me? Is he ill? ''What?'' I whispered, scared for the answer. Jake looked around him  before he started focussing on me. ''You should know I have nothing to do with it.'' Jake said, his voice was so soft and relax. ''My family  thinks there are still too many people and they think the world isn't as developed as they want the world to be.'' He said. It was old news, I already knew this. ''They want to put people in sleep and let them wake up when the world is more developed.''  Jake continued. I remember wanting to stand up but Jake his arms were too strong that I couldn't move. I was in panic. ''We should run away, we will be a hidden love couple.'' I said. Iknew it was crazy what i said but I meant every word of it. I also knew that I couldn't leave my parents and my little brother but they could come along with us.

Jake was putting his best fake smile on, I could see it. ''I can't.'' is what he said. ''I'm the first one who will be put  too sleep.''  Jake explained. I started into his eyes for a couple of seconds, it felt like my body wasn't connected with my spirit. untill i realised what Jake acutally said, and it hurted. those words felt like a stab in my heart. I started pulling my hair, making sure it wasn't a bad dream. ''You're kidding me.''  I said,  Jake shaked his head no. He was leaving me, just like everyone else around me did but they had no choice and jake did. I stood up, how could he do this to me? ''for how long.'' I asked, i was terrified for  the answer but I needed to know the truth. Jake shrugged. ''I don't know. Maybe 10 years, maybe  a hundred years and maybe a Thousand years.'' he said. I felt on my knees begging him not to leave me, jake didn't say a word. tears were finding their way to the ground. ''Liv, please.''  Jake said. I loved it when he was calling me 'Liv.'  but now it made me angry.

''What if I die while you're sleeping?''  i asked looking straight into his eyes, tears were rolling over his cheeks, Jake was never a boy who showed his emotions in pulic. ''It won't happen. You're the strongest person iknow.'' Is what he said. I was nothing without him.

i needed to get away, i had to get away the longer i would stay how more it would hurt. ''I hate you and your whole family.''  were the only words who could leave my mouth. before i run away, fast.  I hoped he came after me but he never did.

weeks passed  by and the only thing i did was staying at home, looking through the window.  everyday more people died because of the disease. i was thinking about Jake constantly, thinking about if he was already put asleep. the only thing I thought that could make me less sad turned out in a disaster. Mom gave birth to my baby sister at 32 weeks, she died hours later because she wasn't strong enough. from that moment the atmosphere changed. Mom stopped talking, i could hear her crying at night. Dad was Always at work and Oscar and I were malnourished. When I thought the hardest part came till an end, dad got ill. he died three days later. I was heartbroken, Oscar didn't understand what was going on and mom.. she wasn't her self anymore. A week later I found mom on the cold badroom floor, her wrists were cut through, suicide. I wanted to escape from the world, just be gone for a little while but Iknew that wouldn't be an option. I had to take care of Oscar. I started working everday to pay the rent and buy food untill we got a letter, the killers wanted Oscar and I to be put to sleep just like what happend to Jake, iknew i shouldn't  be happy, but they promised us a better world once we wake up and the only thing i could think of was: there is hope.

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