world ruler

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year 3035

All kind of question are going through my mind, but all I can do is to follow Jake in silence. The only sound are our foot steps on the concrete floor. Jake clears his voice and I feel his eyes burning on my skin. 

''Did you get hurt?'' Jake asks. Jake left me a thousand years ago but it feels like yesterday to me. I look at the bruises on my knuckels. I don't feel the pain anymore my body. Jake has always been my painkiller. 

''Not as much as I expected.'' I say. My voice is soft and hoarse. My legs stop moving when I feel Jake hand touching mine, I pull away and close my eyes for a second before opening them and look straight into Jake's eyes. Jake takes my hand and I let him. He looks focused at the bruises. ''I should have killed him.'' Jake voice is deep and full of anger. I take a step back but let him still holding my hand, I should kill Jake. He has always walked over me like i'm a little child, like I can't take care of myself.

''Why did he wanted to fight with me so badly?'' I ask. I'm not feeling welcome at all in this new world, Maybe Oscar was lucky enough to leave this place. Oscar loved being outside, not able to go outside would be a living hell for him. Jake shrugs.

''Come on, I want to show you something.'' Jake says and pulls me along. I'm not feeling one emotion by holding is hand. I swear that I cried my eyes out for weeks when Jake left me, I was touching myself while imaging that Jake was touching me. But I guess my mind and my feelings were playing me because now holding his hand feels like holding a empty soul. Maybe he hurted me too much? Maybe love was making me blind? 

''Where are you taking me?'' I ask but Jake doesn't respons. It feels like we are walking for hours instead of minutes  untill we end up being in something that looks like a cave. My breath is taken away when I see a waterfall and a river, beautiful flowers through the grass and trees. I look up but there are no stars, no clouds just a dark emptiness. What is this place? 

''I missed going outside so much so I created my own outside place.'' Jake says like he can read my mind. ''It is beautiful, isn't?'' he continues. I fall down at my knees and go through the grass with my fingers. 

''Oscar would have love this.'' Jake says and I freeze. ''Life is fucked up, isn't?'' I say. I hear jake taking a deep breath. ''Iknow it's different than we know but I like it here. You know I lost people too, you're not the only one.'' Jake says. How could he say this to me? Because of his shitty family people died, MY family died and I still forgive him every time even though Iknow it's so wrong, I do because all I have left now is Jake. ''Iknow.'' Is all that I say. 

I wanted to kill Jake, I wanted to hurt him but all I can think of is him holding me tight hoping that I will feel something different than sadness. 

''How old are you?'' I ask. He was nineteen when he left me just like i'm now. Jake laughs and start sitting next to me. 

''How old do you think i'm?'' he ask. I look at Jake, I can't help myself but place my hand on his cheek, going down at his stubble beard, that's new, he was never a beard guy. I place my thumb on his underlip. His face feels as soft as I remember but his eyes aren't as bright as I remember. 

''twentytwo?'' I whisper. Jake shakes his head. ''Almost, I'm twentyfour.'' He says. I'm a little shocked, he has been awake for five years. It's so weird that he is suddenly much older than me. 

Jake plays with the ends of my brown hair. ''I want to go outside.'' I say. Jake shakes his head. ''You don't.'' he says. ''I do, Jake. I want it more than anything.'' 

Jake stand all the suden up. ''You don't.'' He says with a emotion that I can't place. Tears are burning in my eyes, I don't want to cry. When Jake notice that i'm upset because of his words he apologize. ''It's dangerous, you know.'' Jake's voice sounds a lot softer. ''Well, uh, You should go to your room. I have important things to do.'' He continue and I can't help but roll my eyes at him. ''I don't have a room.'' I say but it's more a question. Jake sight, he seems annoyed. 

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