Back again

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year 3035

the whole night I couldn't sleep. I was walking through the room who is filled with my own people. I counted them all. fourhundred fourty and eight. I recognized Jess. I had History with her for two years but she dropped out of school, she wasn't really a speaker but she was nice having around. I also recognized my fifty old neighbour, he seemed relaxed, he was always so angry so it suprised me when I saw him without a frown on his forhead.

I tried to push my feeling away to hide them but I couldn't stop thinking about what happend to Oscar. I wish we could have switched places. Loving someone is the worst thing a human can do because once you lose them a part of you will get away too. In the 18 years that I have lived I lost almost everyone I cared about but this time I will get revenge.

''1990. Will you come with me?'' A voice takes me back into reality. At the door is standing a girl, her red curls are the first thing that I notice along with her very pale skin.

''Who are you?'' I ask making my way to her.

The girl straighten her back. ''I'm 876. You need to come with me.'' She tells me. I don't ask her where she is taking me I just walk behind her through the white hall ways. I wonder what outside will look like. I notice a lot of security.

''1990, you're the story of the day.'' Says number 876. I hate those numbers, names are easier. ''I Always wonder how it was in 2031.'' She continues. I tell her about the woods, ocean and the busy Streets. She is amazed by the animals like the lion and the giraffe, my favorite animals, but she has never heard of them.

I hear the sound of panting and screaming. ''Because we can't go outside, we have to exercice here.'' She opens the big steel door. I'm overwhelmed by what I see. It's a big space, fully with training devices. and over all I finally see a crowd of people. I see people kickboxing, I have Always hated it. I see people sprints draw against each other and injured people, mostly my age.

''I'm absolutly not doing this.'' I say looking at my clothes. it's not exactly clothes to train in.

''It's a order from number 21.'' She says before she walks straight ahead to a bounch of girls. I want to walk away until I see number 450, the boy who Always walks away without saying a word. His eyes are locked to mine and he starts walking to me.

''There is my favorite traveler.'' He says. I smile, a real smile since a long time. ''There are only four of us.'' I say. ''You mean two,  Jack his parents died a while ago.'' He says. Jake. it feels like a pounch in my stomach. He isn't a number just like everyone else? and what happend to his parents?

''Well I should get going, work is calling me.'' He says. I tell him goodbye and walk through the room. Humans still look the same, they only seem stronger, a lot stronger. I stop by kickbox because there are yelling people surrounded around two girls.

The girls are walking in circels, trying to hit each other. One of the girls get pushed by the crowd and that's when she falls on the ground not even a second later the other girl is on top of her, with boxing gloves to hit the poor girl over and over again untill blood is coming straight out of the girls mouth and nose. The crowd is screaming of joy and cheer on.

I want to walk away not able to see how the poor girl is almost dying until I hear someone screaming: ''The traveler is here!'' I turn around as quickly as I can, I feel the eyes of people burning on my body.

A boy steps out of the crowd. He is wearing a tank top what makes his muscules show. His short sport pants is hanging low on his waist and his brown cruly hair seems sweaty. ''Lets seem if the traveler is able to fight me.'' He says and a smirk appears on his face. The crowd starts screaming 'fight fight fight' in unison. I want to turn around and walk away as fast as I can for the second time today but my legs doesn't move and I nod my head yes what makes the crowd cheer more.

A girl pushes a pair of boxing gloves in my hands and I try them on. I don't want to get injured. The boys walks straight to me I expect him to hit me but all he does is staring into my eyes for a view seconds before wishing me goodluck. I need all the luck. I'm not strong, I never have.

the crowd is surrounded around us this time and I never felt the adraline flowing in my body as now, my heart is beating fast, that's a new thing since i'm here it happens all the time.

''Let her see who the real boss is.'' Someone screams from the side line. I hide my face behide the boxing golves. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath before opening my eyes again but a hard fist hits my cheek and I fall down at the ground. People are yelling and the boy wants to hit again but I avoid him by standing up. ''Please.'' I say staring into his green eyes. All i see in his eyes is anger and hate.

He walks straight to me and pulls out in my stomach a few times. I shrink in one.  I won't fight back, I'm done. I have no reason to be Alive anymore. I barely feel the hits, it's like i'm numb. Again a fist hits my face and I fall down. Hit me one last time. I open my eyes I didn't even noticed that I closed them. The boy is hanging over me.

''STOP THIS RIGHT AWAY.'' screams a voice above everyone. I recongize this voice out of million maybe even billion and I never expected to feel this empty. All the people around us stop yelling and are quickly walking away. I stand up and feel two hands holding me by my waist. Also two hands i recognize out of millions. I turn around staring into the eyes of the person I love the most and hate the most. Jake. I push him away. I take a look at him while my head is feeling dizzy. He looks the same just older, not much older. His eyes are so bright it hurts to look into them.

''Liv.'' He whispers, his voice got deeper. I shake my head. This isn't happening. I had dreams about him for months after he left, I cried when someone called me Liv just because it remembered me about Jake. ''It's been so long.'' he says. ''When I heard you woke up.. I wasn't suprised I knew you would make it.'' He continues. I feel something comming out of my nose and I wipe it away with the palm of my hand, Blood.

''Say something.'' Jake begs. ''Come with me, I can take care of you.''

Looking at him hurts so much. I want to hug and hurt him at the same time. Hug hime because I missed him so much and hurt just so he can feel what I felt when he left me. I thought that I would never see him again.

''You doesn't like seeing your girlfriend like this? all hurt?'' Someone says, It's the boy I fought with well who was fighting With me, I didn't do a thing.

''Shut up.'' Jake says to the boy. Jack cheeks are fully red and I can see he is using all his power to not get into a fight with the boy.

''You're sick.'' The words leave my mouth before I notice. Jake spread his eyes before he walks to me, I step back. ''Iknow that I hurt you, but there hasn't been a day that I didn't regret leaving you.'' Jake falls on his knees, begging, I never have seem him like this. Those words are everything I ever wanted him to say but they doesn't affect me.

''You're the 'man' now?'' I ask.

''You mean he rules this world, yes he does, unfortunately.'' The boy says.

Jake stand up. ''Can you please go with me?'' he ask. I want this room more than everything but I can't be with Jake, alone, I won't be able to do that.

''I want to go outside.'' I whisper. Jake tries to take my hand but failes. ''No one ever leaves this building, ever.'' He says. He tells me that the world isn't as we remembered and that I will be in danger if got outside.

''Please." Jake says.

And as much I want to fight my feelings all I want is that he tells me what is going on in this world.

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