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Our FBI agent wasn't still convinced of the innocence and mental health of his new colleague, but he couldn't even say for sure he was guilty. He could just be just another mentally ill person in the neighborhood who was attracted through his delusions, willingness to help others, and the work of another unsub. Besides, if the kid really was the caller, then he has an unshakable alibi about the murder of Rachel McCall. If the young man was really dangerous, it was far more sensible to keep him in the eye and wait for opportunity, than just arrest him.

So Morgan began investigating the case with a young hunter, whose methods weren't so based on the criminal profiling, but on actually empathy with unsub and believing in unsub's delusions, in order to defeat unsub own weapons with a bit of military tactics. Morgan didn't know where the boy could learn such a thing. Apparently he was Garth Fitzgerald, how he introduced himself, and Garcia confirmed it. Originally, he was a very clever kid, graduated university and became a dentist. Yes, he didn't pretend the action with headache and teeth, but he really knew what he was talking about. What has happened, that man who, was so promising, ended up like this? What could the stressor for so big a change? That was question, which Morgan asked a few time, and even he asked to Garth. But he received no satisfactory answer: "What happens always, people started to suffer and die."

The main suspect was that man who owned the haunted house. Morgan didn't like him from the beginning, and according to Garth's research he was involved in the use of black magic. In his caravan, he had several books in it, and he kept a small shop at the beginning of the amusement park, where he sold various magic items, including "genuine magic bags" and "true protective seals," according to Garth's true and working ones. Although it was him or not, it was certain that another night would have an unsub hit again. If the unsub really tries to rebellion the demon of fear and proceeds according to the old ritual, he is no longer the only one who sacrifices the young virgin at the full moon, then everything will be soon, given that the full moon should come this night. And so our guys decided to wait for the unsub. They waited in the night of the full moon hidden in front of the door to the haunted house, they was equipped with a gun, and for Morgan's great displeasure and all the hunting equipment, including the unicorn horn to devour the demon into the hell, Garth instructed him that normally such a thing is done by exorcism, but the Agramon demon is not quite a demon in the true sense of the word, but rather belongs to the plane of monsters and gods. Really terrible! Morgan had already begun to doubt his decision to cooperate with Garth and to listen to all his crazy delusions. The worst of it Garth's crap about demons, monsters, witches, and all that supposedly hiding in the dark, he could give a great deal, foolishly like Reid, he was shouting various "facts," and he had his witty experience. It was devastating. But did Morgan have a choice?

Waiting for unsub was more like Waiting for Godot. Still, Morgan had been accustomed to silent night-time waiting at the FBI, and it seemed that Garth had some experience in this respect, even though his fatigue was much clearer. However, eventually unsub appeared. On the square in front of the haunted house gathered together a bunch of teenagers, the oldest of them may be so for no more than seventeen, two girls and two boys. Group whispered something, and one of the girls shouted abruptly.

"No, I will not! Why should I?" One of the boys, however, bowed and whispered something to her. What it was, our guys didn't hear, but they could think of it because the girl was blushing like a tomato and hesitantly going to the haunted house.

"So here we have our last sacrifice," Garth grunted.

"Looks like it," Morgan nodded, but he frowned. But if this was the victim, where was unsub?

"They must enter the house of her own will, each of the victims have to so that the spell is valid," Garth whispered.

"Yeah, you explained that to me, but how could unsub do that? I mean, it wasn't always a hunter or a policeman like me, except that we weren't victims in the true sense of the word, but only uncomfortable witnesses. But he didn't always know a lot of stupid teens..." Morgan halted in the middle of the sentence. When the remaining children smiled grimly, one of the boys drew an old black book, a girl's knife and the other boy's spray. "Or maybe yeah."

"Oh, and that's the way it always is, little kids play with something they don't have. What do they promise to get when they raise Agramon? Money, love, popularity, power?" Garth shook his head as they watched as the four of teens walked over to the haunted house.

The hunter with the FBI agent had waited a while before the unsubs disappeared, and then they went to the haunted house too. When Morgan walked through the door, he hung a chainlet around his neck. The chainlet, which Garth had given him, allegedly serving against the power of Agramon, which had already flowed through the house, and thanks to chainlet, he will not see such horrors as when he was here for the first time. As if perhaps he had believed to Garth's delusions, but the moment, when he would fully understand the truth of the whole supernatural world, it will still come.

Garth and Morgan invaded the house in his main hall, the living room where Morgan had previously seen Rachel. Morgan with a loaded pistol and Garth with a shotgun full of rock salt. If the situation wasn't so serious, our agent might not have maintained and he would have to start laughing as his colleague was holding a gun and making a "rough face." Unfortunately, they didn't have time. There was no dead Rachel in the room but four teenagers. One girl, a virgin, lying on the ground, was already unconscious, and the other girl with the knife in her hand stood above her. One of the boys was drawing another strange symbol on the wall, and next to him the young man stood, who persuaded the victim to go to the house, with that black old book and read out some Latin text. Now that our FBI agent could look closer to him, he seemed familiar, but Morgan couldn't say who it is.

"Hands up the FBI! Put everything on the ground and step down two steps!" our agent ordered immediately, but none of the children present listened and ignored him. However, Garth didn't wait for anything and without warning fired at the boy. Maybe he probably had a good idea with that stone salt. It will not kill, but the unsub will obviously be removed for a while, it will take some time before the boy will be able to stand up. But his act had the consequences.

The girl with the knife pounced on the young hunter. She jumped with supernatural power, grabbed him by the hem of her dress, and lifted into the air. Garth struggled with her helpless until he reached into one of his green jacket pockets and pulled out a a small bottle with the holy water. He splashed the holy water on the girl. The girl let go of him with a terrible scream. The holy water for her was as if she had a hot lava on her, and Morgan would swear he could smell of burnt meat. It was when our FBI agent, who knows why right now, believed everything he was up against.

Morgan gripped his gun. "Stop reading, postpone the book, raise your hands, or I will shoot," he warned the boy, who ignored him, and still rebellion the demon of fear. The young man kept ignoring him, and so Morgan fired. He aimed at the boy right leg and the bullet had also dug there, but the boy didn't fall to the ground. But as if he was unharmed, he still stood. He read the last words and closed the book. He looked at the agent with black eyes as an angle.

"He has already read, Agramon, is not yet among us because yet virginal blood hasn't been shed, but he has all his power," Garth was able to shout, but the girl, who had attacked him before, was recover and stabbed him, then hit him hard, and hunter fell to the ground. Good, a hunter was out of consciousness, and Morgan himself had to deal with two bloody supernatural brats now. No plan and weapons! Or not?! Garth had a backup plan to fight with the rebellion and free demon of fear... How was it?! If you want to dirty damage the seal of the victims, you need to blood of someone who was not virgin and had all the attributes of the other victims to have all power, family power, love, purposefulness, helping others, faith, determination to overcome obstacles, ability to see even in the most difficult moments always light. If the heart of the one, who is the exact opposite of the fear, will be stab by a unicorn's horn that symbolizes purity and innocence greater than virginal blood, and together they can overcome Agramon and the sacrifice of purity returns. Morgan didn't understand that, nor did he believe that it might be true, not even knowing where his friend took the thing as absurd as the unicorn's horn, but he had it. But now he was worried about just one thing. Will he, as like opposed to fear, be enough?

Morgan ran to his friend hunter and picked up the unicorn's horn from his jacket and did what everybody expect to do from the hero was. He fell to the ground... dead. Of the three children began to roll black smoke, which is gradually lost in the moonlight. The children grew older and became adults: the owner of the haunted house, the clown, and the woman in charge of the carousel. And as it was written, the horn disappeared, and the hero with the rays of the sun again lived again. As well as Morgan, a young hunter awoke too, and he looked at the mess, and then to his colleague.

"What did I miss?" Garth asked, surprised.

Morgan shook his head wearily.

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