The secret

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When Morgan arrived back at the FBI headquarters, where he again had a meeting with the rest of the team, who also ended up with a very tough case, Morgan was very tired and didn't have the slightest desire to talk his friends and colleagues. Actually, he didn't want to talk to anyone. He had a confusion in his mind: demons, strange rituals, owners of the haunted house, and other people in the amusement park, who looked younger than they were be and have superhuman power, suicide, and resurrection between the living, unicorn's horn and hunters, all of which was incredible, but real and for one person it was a little too much. Derek Morgan knew that the only person with whom he could talk about supernatural world, will be only Garth, that was the reason, why he had taken a number from him when they were saying goodbye. He will have to live with the feeling that there is something worse and darker out there in the shadow than he has ever seen at work, and he will not be able to tell about it to his colleagues and friends.

"So, nothing special happened?" Hotch said after he had read Morgan's report, when he had our agent called to his office.

"Yes, I didn't find an unknown caller. He probably lied about his intentions, and with regard to those missing people, the local police arrested three amusement park employees who later admitted the crime in custody," Morgan shrugged innocently.

Hotch raised one eyebrow in a gesture of extreme suspicion. "That's true except that the suspects were found in that haunted house along with another victim, all unconscious," Hotch said.

"Do you think the unsub is still at large?" Morgan pretended to be uncomprehending and innocent, even that he was lying to his boss and his friend and that was heartbreaking.

"No, because I know if it was like that, you wouldn't have left it that way, you wouldn't have left the amusement park, if the people around you were still in danger. No, I think there's something you didn't tell me," Hotch explained his suspicions.

"What... No!" Morgan immediately denied it, too fast to speak the truth. Hotch sighed.

"Morgan, I'm your boss and you my subordinate, but I was hoping we were good friends too. What happened, didn't you write in the report? What happened, what don't you want to tell me? We're the Morgan team and I need to know you don't lie to me and I can trust you," Hotch stammered, but not emphatically, he didn't want it to be like with Elle.

Our FBI agent took a deep breath. "Hotch, you know that you can rely on me. Sinners are caught, no one else died. Everything is fine, you don't need to hear more information. Don't make me to tell you the details."

"But why? If I should trust you?!" Hotch didn't understand. "Because some things can't be explained, if one isn't able to see it," Morgan said, and with that he went out of the Hotch's office, and he expected that next day will be fired from work, which would be a certain way of curse but also deliverance. But nothing like that happened. Hotch it for some reason he decided to let it be as if nothing ever happened...

... But it happened, so the FBI suddenly had an agent who was fully aware of how various forms evil has.

The end

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