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Kim Junmyeon was quiet.

Now, while that was usually the case, he was being more silent than he normally was as he flipped through the large biology textbook. The science major was not one to typically stand out in a crowd, he was good, but someone was always better, he was popular, but someone always had more friends. The good part about that, was that Junmyeon didn't necessarily care about the frivolous social hierarchy at Hankook University. He'd much rather spend a Saturday night writing an analysis of the equation for photosynthesis instead of cracking open a cold one and getting wasted.

Choi Haewon was very similar in that sense, which was probably why when the two met in their freshman year Science 101 class they became friends pretty quickly. The black haired girl was the same as Junmyeon but different in many ways. She could make a fifty slide presentation on Newton's three laws of physics in an hour, but alternately could also fall off a bar stool after two shots of soju. Even just that minimal amount of alcohol could leave her nursing a bad hangover the next day, just like now.

"You're being weirdly quiet, did Baekhyun dare you to not speak for three days straight again?" Hae questioned, tipping her head back to effectively swallow the two Advil nestled in her palm.

The brunette man shakes his head before lightly placing his pencil on the library table, "Not this time, I think he made Jongdae do his Historical Literature essay though. Not like you'd know, you were under the table after half a coke and rum."

Scoffing the girl squints at him pointedly, "Don't make fun of my low tolerance, for all we know you could be even worse but you don't take a sip of anything."

"Don't squint, it'll hurt your eyes." Junmyeon chooses to ignore his best friend's comment, instead closing his texbook and placing it in his backpack.

"It doesn't matter at this point," Haewon also hastily throws her things in her bag, adjusting her glasses before standing, "according to my doctor I'm on my way to being legally blind."

The taller of the two lets a brief laugh escape his lips, looking down at the girl with a disbelieving look on his face, "According to your doctor, you're nearsighted and have a slight astigmatism in your right eye."

"Whatever," She grumbles as the two exit the library building and step into the cool evening air, "we're heading back to Chanyeol's for game night right? I think they wanted to play Mario Kart this time, god only knows how that'll go."

Game night was the group's tradition, every other Sunday they'd all gather in someone's dorm to goof off and eat food. Originally the event began as a way for their awkward Freshman selves to get to know the other people in their department, at this point it became more of a therapeutic break from their hectic studies.

The boy hesitates for a second, scuffing his shoe on the hard cement, "I actually have to go meet someone right now, so I'll take a raincheck this time."

"Really?" She throws the taller male a perplexed look, it wasn't often on of their friends would miss game night. Typically that only happened when it was a school holiday and they were away visiting family.

"Sorry, I'll catch you later though Hae, don't wait up." He gives a little salute before turning on his heel and walking in the opposite direction.

Left alone alone under the dim streetlight, Haewon tilts her head slightly, confused by the events that had just occurred. Recollecting her thoughts, she shrugs her bag higher onto her shoulder.

"I wonder who he's meeting." The brown eyed girl mumbles, following the cobblestone path that led to the boy's dorm building.

Junmyeon was a very open book. He didn't bottle up his feelings unless he felt it'd make someone else upset. Additionally their friend group consisted of Junmyeon, Haewon, then a bundle of other guys that were walking catastrophes, they didn't really associate with people outside of that circle. One would say they're social antisocials.

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