Is the Procedure Working?

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"Number sixteen! Your order is ready!" Junmyeon calls from over the counter, burning hot steam billowing out from the large kitchen behind.

As much as the biology major would have preferred to be the one behind the stove, he was instead busy busing tables and taking orders at the large restaurant. There wasn't much time to squeeze in eight hour shifts between lectures and other pressing activities. Despite the new lack of free-time, he quickly became accustomed to the setting.

Junmyeon didn't necessarily need extra money. He was riding through college on a well-paying scholarship, and his family wasn't lacking in money in any way, however he was determined to buy that pendulum through his own means.

"Junmyeon, number seventeen's is here." One of his co-workers calls out, sliding a warm tray of food towards him.

Swiftly taking hold of the dish, he rounds to the pick up corner, the ring of the bell echoing with one tap. Swiping a bead of sweat from his brow he grins out to the customers, "Number seventeen, your order is-"

The poor boy's sentence is quickly cut off by a familiar voice before he could finish. "You snake, this has been where you've been spending all of your time?"

Kim Jongdae leaned over the counter, a glare etched deep into his features. If not for the restaurant rules he would have most likely jumped the small obstacle in order to tackle his friend. Hovering behind the heated male was Kyungsoo, confusedly clutching the little takeout tray of food the two had ordered for lunch.

Forcing a taught smile onto his face, Junmyeon happily welcomes Jongdae's presence, "Is there a problem sir?"

"Yes there's a fuc-"

"Wonderful!" Jun claps his hands together in finality, "thank you for coming to J&M's Lamb Skewers, please come again!"

With a final wave, the now frantic boy spun on his heel, heading towards the break room door in order to evade further conversation. The last sound to grace his ears before the thick plastic door slammed shut was his friend's annoying yelling.

"This conversation isn't over yet Kim Junmyeon! You hear me!"

A sigh of relief escapes his lungs as he slumps his way over to the small table in the center of the room. Untying his flimsy apron, wadding up the white fabric, he slouches into one of the oak chairs. Junmyeon hated secrets, he saw them to be useless and a thing that only caused complications. While that still remained to be the truth, over the past couple of weeks Junmyeon slowly found himself becoming secretive and avoiding his beloved friends to throw off any unneeded questions. Honestly he would have told some of them of his plans sooner, but unfortunately he decided to befriend loudmouths.

"This is a horrible idea and if we get arrested for trespassing I'm telling the police that you're a serial kidnapper and that I'm your hostage." A muffled yet familiar voice could be heard from one side of the room.

As Junmyeon rose from his seat to investigate, the window slid open, making the sound crystal clear. "Oh please Soo, I didn't spend all of Sophomore year learning how to pick locks just so I could break into Mrs. Smith's lab. Where's the fun in that?"

Jongdae cheerily hopped through the open pane and into the dim room. He paid no mind as his reluctant companion struggled to get his waist over the tall windowsill, uncooly tumbling onto the wood paneling on the floor. Brushing the nonexistent dust from his clothes, the ever-resourceful Jongdae makes his way towards the older Biology Major, pushing him by the shoulders back to his seat.

"So hi," The blond smiles casually, sitting down himself in a way that blocked the door. "it has come to our attention that there are some things you're not telling us, and we can't let Wonnie have all the investigative fun. Therefore you're going to tell us what the ever loving hell you've been doing, or else we will expose your minimum wage receiving ass at the next game night. Sound fair?"

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