Communicate Conclusion

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Kim Junmyeon was satisfied. Not only because he had aced all his pre-final tests, but also because of his successful purchase at the Science Emporium. Many tiring shifts and friendly misunderstandings later, he was finally able to buy the overpriced little physics trinket. The Love Pendulum was something Junmyeon had been longing to get for a very long time, not for himself but to someone special to him. 

It is exactly because of that reason that he was possessed to work three different part-time jobs. One at the lamb skewer shop, the other as a Lotte World Mascot (he got pointers from Kwin for that one), and lastly he worked at a car wash. Yet that wasn't enough to meet the amount of money he needed before December sixteenth. Thankfully, Jongdae and Kyungsoo each got part time jobs of their own after finding out about Junmyeon's grand plan, and he was able to buy the pendulum because of them.

He could still remember the reactions of all his friends when he told them where he had been. It took place a week previous in Chanyeol's apartment, Jongdae and Kyungsoo standing knowingly in the corner.

"I knew it! I called it, it's official, Byun Baekhyun is a genius!" The pink haired male had cheered from the run down sofa. 

"Wait, let me get this straight," Sehun interjects, a thoughtful look on his face, "you've been working all this time so that you could buy Wonnie that weird pendulum for her birthday on the eight?"

Junmyeon smiles with a soft sigh, sipping his coke, "Yup that's it."

"So you like her then?" Yixing grins widely.

The brown haired male chokes on his carbonated beverage, "Why can't I just get her a gift for her birthday like any other friend. Chanyeol is getting her a giant Kwin stuff but he's dating Eunhye after making out with her at that sorority party! Which, by the way, I'm still upset about you dragging Hae into."

"Um no," Chan scoffs, "I'm getting her a heavily discounted clearance plush. You are getting her an excessively expensive LOVE pendulum for crying out loud. Also, for your information, Hae begged me to take her with me so she could do research. I just so happened to be researching the female anatomy with Eunhye."

Eunhye was most known on campus as dance team leader with Kai and Sehun. she was the best in her department and rarely got into relationships, too busy with entertainment company auditions. However it seemed something in Chanyeol had caught her eye so they were experimentally dating for now.

Over dramatic gagging noises resonated throughout the small room as everyone soaked up the information. As much as they were glad that Junmyeon had told them about what he was doing, they felt slightly obligated to out Haewon's plan. Not necessarily the part about her liking him, but more so her suspicions.

"Well you know..." Jongin trails off with the smirk of someone with higher knowledge. "I hope you explain to Haewon what your plan was soon. Because she sure had a different idea of what you were doing."

Baekhyun nods, "He's right, and I was the one she pulled into her weird experiment. Which, let me tell you, was an incredibly mentally taxing experience."

"What would she even be researching at a sorority party? And, how does that have anything to do with me?" Junmyeon questions.

"It has everything to do with you, my good sir." Jongdae grins widely, "Because of your tactless sneaking around she thought you were dating someone. Hence why she was at the party, because she thought whomever you were dating would be there. So, case and point: you're an idiot."

"She thought I was what?"

It seemed like slowly the jumbled and confusing puzzle that Haewon and Junmyeon had began in the weeks prior, was slowly starting to be put together. Whilst Haewon was still unaware of why Junmyeon did what he did, the latter now knew about all of her plights and her motive. Though, both were still dumbly blind to each other's feelings.

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