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Six - Forgotten Phone

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The week passes by uneventfully until Thursday, with me going through classes in the most robotic way and waiting for when I'll finally graduate and get out of this student life. I know parents always tell us that we'll miss this time when we're older, but right now, I just wish it would hurry up and get over with.

 "So, how are studies going?" dad asks me during dinner.

I look up from my meal, chewing quickly so I can answer him.

"Good." I swallow. "My grades are getting better."

"They were never bad in the first place," dad points out.

"I know. But I've gone up to A+ now." I smile at dad who returns it proudly.

"So, I take it the study sessions with Xavier are going well then."

"Mhm." I stuff my mouth with food so I can pretend I'm too caught up to answer. 

"What about his grades?" dad asks, probably persistent to not drop the topic of Xavier.

I swallow the big chunk down without chewing, setting off a fit of coughing. Drinking a full glass of water, I return my gaze to dad.

"They're also better, I think," I tell him. "We haven't had any more graded quizzes or assignments though, so I can't be sure."

Dad nods in understanding. "Will he be coming over on the weekends too?" he asks.

I don't answer for a moment. We haven't really talked about it, but I've been thinking of asking him that.

So when he sits beside me on the couch an hour after the dinner and we study through Advanced Calculus -- which Xavier is worse at than Classics -- I decide to ask him.

"Will you be coming to study over the weekend as well?" 

Xavier doesn't answer for a moment, engrossed in the sum he's supposed to be solving. 

"I signed up for double shifts," he finally murmurs in a low voice without looking up from his notes. "Tomorrow as well. Can I take the day off?"

"Uh ... yeah," I answer, my heart sinking. I've begun to look forward to my study time with Xavier, waiting all day for 8:00 to arrive so I can expect him over. But to be fair, he isn't bound to be as regular as I want him to be. He's free to miss days, or even give up altogether. God, I sure hope he doesn't.

Twirling my fingers and looking down, I don't notice when Xavier glances towards me.

"I can cancel if you want," he says, taking me by surprise.

I look up to see Xavier's grey eyes watching me. I struggle to not let his eyes distract me as I formulate an answer to his suggestion. Did he just say he would cancel his double shift at work if I want him too? He'd do that? For me?

Can I please freak out?

I clear my throat, sitting straighter.

"No, it's okay," I force out. I don't want him to feel compelled to cancel his plans because of me either. Besides, what if he refuses? That would be so embarrassing.

Xavier nods, returning to his homework. I look down at my own work too, smiling at the thought that he would pick me over work ... 

Which pays ... 

In money ... 

Which he needs ... 

And would give up ... 

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