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Fifteen - Babysitting Wall

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"You do not do that to your own daughter!" I hiss into the phone, attempting to stifle the sound even though I know I'm way out of Xavier's hearing range. "You called him to babysit me? Seriously, dad?"

"Honey, I was suddenly told I can't leave office until I take care of these things and I thought you should have a sensible adult with you till I come back," dad says softly.

I scowl, narrowing my eyes at my father who can't possibly see me right now.

"Daddy, how old am I?" I ask.

"Seventeen," he answers correctly.

"You know how old Xavier is?" I pause for dramatic effect. "Seventeen!" I nearly scream into the phone.

Dad chuckles. 

"Well, he's smarter and more sensible," he teases.

I growl. "I'm his tutor," I snap. 

Dad bursts out laughing.

"Stop laughing," I order.

He listens, although I can still hear the smile in his tone. "I thought you'd be happy spending time with him."

"I am, just not ... like this," I frown, confusing myself. 

How the hell do I end up confusing myself?

"Why can't you be like a normal dad and hate the boy I could possibly like?" I ask instead. "That's what dads are supposed to do, not ... ask their daughter's crush to babysit her."

"I would hate him if he was a bad boy," dad points out.

"He's my school's bad boy," I remind him. 

"Aw, come on, Haley, we both know he's nothing like he looks," dad says, and I can almost see him rolling his eyes.

"Okay, fine, but you could at least not call him to babysit me," I whine, stomping my foot childishly on the floor.

"I never mentioned the word 'babysit'," dad tells me.

"Well, he did."

"That's between you two then," he says casually.

My eyes widen; Xavier was teasing me, oh my Lord!

"Now go sit with him in the living room instead of hiding in the bathroom."

I freeze.

How the hell did he know I'm hiding in the bathroom?

"Do you have cameras in my bathroom?" I ask him, horrified.

He laughs. He freaking laughs!

"No, but I know you'd be hiding to talk to me about him," he says. "Now go make something to eat and give it to him too. The poor boy probably canceled work to be with you and you're here instead of making him lunch."

Is he my dad or Xavier's?

"I hate you," I hiss.

"Love you too, darling. Luckily my work is almost done so I'll be home in an hour."

He hangs up. 

Wow. My crush is teasing me and my dad is on his side. Can my life be any crazier? What happened to all the cliché things out there? Why can't the bad boy be sullen and smirk-y and dad be domineering and hateful? What parallel universe am I in?

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