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Twenty Two - Late-Night Chats

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When I get to my room in the evening, I have multiple things running through my head. Nothing new there, since there is hardly ever a time when my mind doesn't have at least thirty three things going through it. I'm sure if anyone knew all the things I think, they would put me in a straightjacket and lock me up in an asylum somewhere.

Today, though, I'm mostly thinking about everything my dad said to me.

I know I'm a very lucky girl to have a father as loving and supportive as him and seeing how much he likes Xavier, it only makes me appreciate him even more. Just thinking about my dad not liking the boy I like, makes my knees weak and my hands clammy. If I had a dad like Xavier's ...

The first thing I do when I get in bed is switching on my laptop, turning on random back-to-back of my favorite YouTube channel, and reach for my phone. An automatic smile comes to rest on my face when I see Xavier's name on my screen.

He sent me messages? And not just one, but multiple?

This is a new level of our relationship!

With the creepiest smile plastered on my face, I click the messages and read.

10:28 -- Xavier: 'Hope everything's okay.'

11:03 -- Xavier: 'Did your dad find out?'

12:13 -- Xavier: 'I'm worried.'

1:09 -- Xavier: 'Do you need me to come over.'

3:17 -- Xavier: 'Haley?'

5:21 -- Xavier: 'I'm coming over if you don't reply by tonight.'

I'm smiling so wide my cheeks are hurting, and just the thought of Xavier checking his phone every few minutes and sending me messages because he's worried about me, makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

No, it does not make butterflies erupt in my stomach. What does that even mean?

I contemplate, wondering if I should reply back or not. I don't want him to keep thinking about me, but ... okay, I do want him to keep thinking about me. I don't want him to worry about me though, even if that means he might show up at my door, asking for me. Putting my inner psychopathic ideas away, I type a message.

6:12 -- Haley: 'I'm great, but if you want to come over, I'll leave my window open.'

Biting my lower lip, I let my finger hover over the 'send' button. Does that seem too desperate? Does it maybe seem like a slutty thing to suggest 'hey, why don't you come over tonight so that we can *clears throat and winks*?' What if Xavier thinks I'm some creepy weirdo?

Oh, wait ... he already knows what a creepy weirdo I am and still decides to stick around.

Comforted by the fact that Xavier knows what a mess I am but still likes me for some unimaginable reason -- maybe it's my dad -- I send the message, holding both my phone and my breath. I know Xavier might not reply instantly, being busy in his own life too, but I hope he'll see it soon and relax a little.

I nearly jump and scream at the same time when my phone pings and I toss it dramatically into the air. This is nothing but a response of the mini-heart-attack I get, and I catch the phone before it falls. Fumbling, I see it's Xavier.

Holy ducklings! He was waiting for my text.

6:13 -- Xavier: 'No need to leave the window open. I'll call you when I get there.'

I squeal, acting like an overly excited teen. I know I'm an overly excited teen, but for once I'm actually acting my age rather than an abnormally large five-year-old.

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