Chapter 1

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Peashooter's Point of view:

I just couldn't do it.

There were way too many zombies that were there. They killed my parents. Right in front of my very eyes. I took off running. They caught up to me with pogo sticks. I was scratched many times. I felt like I died, I couldn't move my body. The last thing I knew I was being clawed to death by zombies. 

My name was Jay. I had a happy family. That sadly died 6 years ago. I am my family's last member. By the time I woke up I was in bed. I sighed a relief that I was still in Dave's house. I sat up and took a few deep breaths, trying to forget the horrible nightmare I just had in my sleep. I wished I would never have that nightmare again. It would always bring back memories of my childhood. "Sweet Mega Flower please prevent that dream from ever happening again." I prayed as I got myself out of bed. I know that the Sweet Mega Flower can only do so much for you. But I keep on praying because it keeps my hopes up. 

My parents died the same way in my nightmare. Everyday I would look at my last picture of my family together. My mom always told me that even if they died, they would still be with me no matter what. 

"Come on Jay, the're coming!" Crazy Dave yells as I rush to get to the front yard. I plant myself on column 2 and wait for the zombies to start shuffling onto the yard. Just a few basic zombies and that it's. "Wow. That was nothing for today." I said as I walked over to my friend, Carter. Carter was my friend. He's a cactus. "Hey. Want to play some video games?" I ask Carter. "Sure, Jay." He answers as we walk inside and over to my room. "That was weird today wasn't it?" I asked. "Yeah. It's like the zombies didn't want to come this time." He says as I started up the console. "But don't you find that weird?" I said. "Yeah. The zombies were probably having an anniversary or something." He said. Gosh, the zombies were really laying low now. It's been like this for a week now. 


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