Chapter 3

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Peashooter's point of view:

"You met someone?" Carter asked. "Yeah, her name was Sun." I answered. "Do you like her?" He asked. "No. Why? We just met." I looked at him like he was from a different planet. "Will talk about it tomorrow." He said. "Bye!" I said. "Bye!" Carter said while closing the door. I tried to get a good night's sleep.

I woke up the following morning. No nightmare! No dream either, which is kind of unfortunate. I sat up, said my prayers, just in case. I went out to the front lawn. A few sunflowers, wall-nuts, peashooters, potato mines, and spike weed were already out there. "Boy. The plants are up early today." I said to myself.  "Hi Jay!" Someone yells. I turn around and see Carter. "Hey buddy!" I yell back. "Wow. Your up here early." He says. "Yeah. Probably because I had no nightmare." I said. "Oh. No nightmare? Lucky you." He said. "Well, I guess for all the nightmares I had. It's a lucky sleep." I say. "Which Column are you going to?" Carter asked. "Maybe row three, column 2." I answered. "Okay. I'll go in front of you." He said. "Sure." I said. I plant myself in the location. "Do it! Do it!" "No! I'm not gonna do it." "C'mon. Just do it." "Do what?" I ask turning around. "Oh. Hi Sun." I say. "OMG!" The sunflower next to her yelled. "Whoa!!" I yell. "Calm down!" "Sorry." She murmured. "That's okay." I said politely. "He's nice." She said. "Yeah. I guess so." Sun said. "This is Trista." Sun said. "Oh. Hi Trista." I said. "Hi!" Trista exclaims. "Well, it was good to meet you, Trista." I said. "Braaaiiiinnnzzz." Said a familiar voice. "Uh oh. Here they come!" I say as I turn around. Soon, a strange noise buzzed through the air. "Well, that's new." I said. Then, lightning flashed through the clouds. "But the clouds aren't thick enough to produce rain or lightning." I said like a genius. Well, according to Crazy Dave, i'm different compared to other plants. Then, a zombie appeared. "Um, okay?" I said confused. But, this was no ordinary zombie this zombie was strong. Stronger than a gargantuar, but weaker than zomboss. Wait, did I mention electricity powers too? A bolt of lightning burned the wall nut to crisps. Not the chips though. "Hmph." I mumbled. "Jay." Said Crazy Dave. "You know what to do." "Do I have to?" I complained. Crazy Dave gave me a look that said 'Do it.' I rolled my eyes. I did what he told me to do. Aaaaaaaannnnddd everyone's amazed. 


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