Chapter 4

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Peashooter's point of view:

I wake up in my bed. I notice as my vision starts to focus, Carter was next to me. "Oh. Your awake." He said. "Wha-what just happened?" I ask. "Well, you nearly killed yourself." He answered. I grunt. But how? That move would have knocked me out. But it wouldn't have nearly killed me. "Like, how close?" I asked. "So close we nearly buried you." He said. "That's not a fun way to die." I thought. There was a knock on my door. "Come in." Carter said. Sun opens the door. "Oh, you woke up." She said. "Yeah. I'm awake." I said. "Here. I brought you some breakfast." She said. I notice that she is willing to do a lot of things for me. I mean, the look in her eyes shows that. "Thanks." I reply. It was pancakes with syrup on it with bacon and water. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked. I was about to say no when Carter interrupted. "Can you grab my present for him downstairs?" He asked. "Of course." She answered. "Present? What present?" I ask confused. But she already left. "While you were knocked out." Carter said. "We all got gifts for you for saving us." "I don't need any gifts as a thank you." I reply. "Well, too late for that." He said giggling. Then, Sun came back. "Here Carter." She said handing the gift to Carter. "Thanks." He said. She smiled and said to me, "I'll see you later, okay?" She whispered. "Okay." I answer back. She smiled a warm smile at me and left the room. "Dude." Carter said. "What?" I ask. "She obviously likes you." He answers. "I can tell if they like me or not. And she doesn't." I said firmly. "Whatever. Anyway,  here." He hands the gift to me. I open it with eagerness to see what's inside. But before I open it, there's a note on it. "Hm?" Carter mumbles. "It's from Sun." I say. In my head, I read it. It says 'meet me at three 'o' clock in the backyard.' I sigh. Then I give the note to Carter. "Dude. She obviously likes you." He says. "Unless she just wants to be friends." I said. I take the note back and stick it on my bed. Then I open the gift. "Dude." I began to say. "Yep. Just what you wanted." He says with a grin. It was a switch. With the latest Super Smash bros. game on it. "You ready to play?" I ask. "Totally." He answers.



So yeah. I started to have a feelling to stop writing this.

I may stop or not. You tell me to stop or not. 

Also someone asked when Jay (Peashooter) will ask Sun on a date. And my answer is... well  I don't know! It's  based on me and I'm not quite sure. 

I don't mean any copyright issues with the end part so don't sue me

So I'll see you next time! (Possibly)

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