Chapter I : Memories

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The sun was shining pleasantly as it began its gradual descent in the far horizon, casting a bleeding hue to the darkening sky. Its warm rays still felt rather enjoyable at this hour, keeping him comfortable even at higher altitudes. The gentle evening breeze contributed to the atmosphere by brushing against his feet, tickling them while the grass met it in silence by swaying from side to side. The expanse of the sky above ultimately tied the entire image in a beautiful bow; warm colors mingled together in various patterns, as if an artist deliberately painted it himself.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. A sunset like this didn't occur very often, certainly not when Ganon would've been constantly terrorizing Hyrule with blood moons. Those phenomenons were nightmare inducing on their own terms, much less actually becoming a reality. Link exhaled slowly as he watched the red star get swallowed up by the distant mountains. Soon, it would return once again to embrace the surrounding lands pleading for its gentle rays.

The lonely Hylian cast a weary gaze at the now darkened sky as the moon began to make its appearance, revealing a multitude of shiny little companions that accompanied alongside. The stars were no less dazzling than their predecessor. Their presence enveloped the night sky with wonderful light shows, illuminating the heavens in ways only imagined in fictional stories.

Link cherished moments like these when he was left in solitude; just him and the surrounding nature. He always felt so calm and at peace resting on a cliff's edge, admiring the world's glamor. It really showed how puny he was compared to all of Hyrule's wonders.

With Zelda crowned as queen, his aid wasn't called upon as often as before, which was by all means fine by him. It allowed more opportunities to pass away the hours like now, relaxing on one of the overarching cliffs surrounding Zora's Domain; no place in Hyrule offered better spots than here. Frankly, Link only arrived the other day to visit some old friends, all who were overly ecstatic to see their Hylian friend once more.

Having visited the kingdom countless times as a growing child, Zora's Domain felt like a second home. Although he had lost all of his memories recovering at the Shrine of Resurrection, by Hylia's mercy and wisdom, he managed to recollect a few key moments from this place. Link could distinctly recount times when he would play with Mipha and her little brother Sidon in the various lakes surrounding the Domain. He chuckled at the memory. Those were dearly beloved times... Sidon and Mipha were definitely the closest friends he could clearly remember, especially Mipha...

"Hey Link!" Cried out a familiar voice. Link jumped up, slightly startled at the sudden disruption. "Father thought you'd be up here, looks like he was right." Smirked a handsome, young Zora as he skidded over. Link couldn't contain his smile as Sidon sat down next to him as if nothing happened; he was simply a ghost. They both understood the mood of the atmosphere and gazed at Zora's Domain in silence, which now appeared even more beautiful under the moon's faint glow.

The whole city emitted a faint blue aura as the Zoras continued to remain fairly active at this hour. It truly was one of the most breathtaking places to be in Hyrule, top three at least. None could fully match the gorgeous yet slightly depressive atmosphere. The two friends continued to sit in their lazy positions without speaking a single word, overlooking the land below until Sidon broke the silence.

"I do hope you're enjoying your stay with us Link. It is always a joy and delight in having the honor to spend time with such an awesome person like you! Don't forget that I'll always love you as a dear brother." He said passionately with a wave of his fist.

At this, Link momentarily shifted his attention at Sidon and attempted to form a weak smile, only to return his gaze back to the city. His face portrayed the usual, lifeless demeanor he was always seen having, as if an inner turmoil lay beneath the monotone expressions.

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