Chapter IV : Another Chance

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"Link... Link... my beloved Link... can you hear my voice? Please wake up...."

The words were soft and calming. The beautiful voice sounded very familiar, too familiar in fact. What was it telling him again? Wake up? He had to wake up, he needed to. Was he dreaming yet again? Slowly, Link opened his eyes to his surroundings and gasped in shock.

There wasn't anything to see. It appeared he was in an empty... white space with no end to it, making him feel very claustrophobic. This definitely wasn't the ideal image he had of waking up to. He could still move about freely which hinted nothing about himself was unusual, for now. Noticing a feeling of lightness in himself, Link uneasily glanced down only to reveal that he was floating above the ground, in apparently nothing. There didn't even a surface to stand on. Sense of direction didn't even seem to exist anymore. Was this actually a dream? It couldn't be though since the same Zora armor from last night was on him. The whole ordeal began to terrify him. If this wasn't a dream, what was it?

"Link," the same soothing voice called out again. Strangely, it seemed to be coming from every direction, confusing his brain even more. "Turn around." Again the same... familiar female voice. Link cautiously swirled around and found himself face to face with... Mipha....

He wasn't even surprised or shocked anymore, just deprived of any power in his entire being. Everything felt so real and alive... how? He opened his mouth to say something but Mipha quietly placed her finger to his lips, silencing him. She smiled sweetly, a tear trickling down her tender cheek. Link too, was on the verge of breaking down again, his eyes watering up. Was this real? Had he actually died and is finally with Mipha is the spirit world?

"My dear Link, how much I've terribly missed you," she cooed, her voice soothing his inner being. "How long I've wished for a moment like this... do you... did you miss me?" The words flowed off her lips and were absorbed by him. His lips quivered as he gazed straight into her deep, beautiful golden eyes. They were so... unbelievable. This was all real. They were actually together again.

"Y-Yes... I've missed you so much!!!" he choked on the words, embracing her.

At least he though he embraced Mipha, because his hands swept straight through her. Staggering back, he stared at her slender body, confused at what he just saw. His jaw slacked down, painfully trying to formulate something all while Mipha looked at him with tearful eyes.

"I'm sorry Link... my body is still in its spirit state, and will probably stay like this forever. I-I don't know how you got here, but your body somehow seems to be in between the spirit and real world."

Adjusting his gaze at Mipha, Link became aware that there were little green-blue flames encircling her, just like when he first encountered her back in Ruta. None of this made sense. So he wasn't in the spirit world... or in the real world?

"We've both had so little time together," continued Mipha, drawing his attention again. "Perhaps... perhaps we could spend a few moments alone? W-Would you be able to Link? Would you..." her voice trailed off as she glowed softly and slowly began fading away. "No wait!!! Don't leave me alone again!"
Link cried in surprise, running up to Mipha's dissipating form which vanished in his hands.

He stood there silently, letting everything sink in. Putting his hands to his face, he sobbed lightly, cursing at his misfortune.

"Why me? Why punish me so?" he cried with clenched teeth. "Just give me one last try! Just one... to make things right... please.... I want to be together with her again... at least once more!"

If only there was a way. It was all hopeless. The only way was to... die and join Mipha in the spirit realm. But how would that affect everyone else left behind? Would it be fair for them to mourn over his loss? His mind raced back to Sidon. Besides Mipha herself, he was the closest living reminder to the Zora. It would be cruel to put him through more misery than he already is.

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