Chapter III : A Recollection

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"Link, do you remember the first time we met?" He looked her in the eyes. Those beautiful, golden eyes. A fire of undying love and gracefulness was portrayed from them, setting every atom in his body alight in a romantic frenzy. Hundreds of feelings and emotions could be conveyed by them and he'd still get lost in their numbers. Yet, love was the predominant one. Her love for him. Her love to be with him. Her love to stay with him.

"What are you looking at silly?" Mipha teased flirtingly. "Oh, nothing. Just the most gorgeous and breathtaking eyes to exist in Hyrule," Link replied evenly. "I can look at them all day."

Mipha blushed deeply and winked at Link. She grabbed him by the collar of his tunic and pulled his face to hers, lips sealed. They kissed long and passionately as Mipha ran her fingers through Link's wavy hair. He returned the gesture by gently caressing her smooth tailfin, pulling her slightly more towards himself. The two lovers sat there on Ruta's trunk in the glimmering glow of the moon, enveloped in each other's unquenchable love. Mipha gasped as their lips parted momentarily.

"I love you Link," she whispered softly. "I love you too Mipha," Link cooed, even quieter. He put his finger to his lips and gently kissed her again, pulling his fiance by the waist towards him so that he was now on top of her. Mipha giggled, nipping his lips slightly.

"You've become very romantic sweetheart... if this is a dream... let it never end," she sighed. A loving smile crept from Link's mouth, a rare sight to behold. "If it is a dream... I'll make sure it'll last forever..."

Mipha took her soft, index finger and seductively started playing with it on Link's tunic. "Do you ever think I'll be a good mother?" she asked quietly. Link's loving expression remained the same, his eyes transfixed on hers. "Mipha," he began quietly, "I know you'll be an amazing mother to our kids, and I'll be right there with you every step along the way."

Mipha melted at his statement in adoration. She looked upon the face of her fiance. Faith, love, and dedication all were written behind his quiet, contempt self. Link was the true husband and father she knew that the Goddess had brought into her life. He was her hope and joy. She shifted Link's hand along with her hand to her abdomen.

"I'm not sure yet, but I might be..." she trailed off. Link's eyes shot wide open in surprise, but quickly fell into a heartwarming gaze as he closed his eyes and kissed her abdomen. Mipha fidgeted ticklishly and sat up, holding his face with both her hands. She kissed him once more, long and deep.

"I know that you'll be an amazing father, and I'll be by your side every moment in your life."

Link gazed passionately into her irresistable, loyal eyes that shined attractively. The love of his dreams, was sitting right in front of him, the answer to all his prayers, right here with him. He gently stroked her tender cheeks as she blushed again.

"I can't wait to spend the rest of our days together," he said calmly. "After this ordeal with Ganon is over, we can finally get married and begin our new life, here at home."

"Begin our new life..." Mipha trailed off with the words, staring out into the vast space of the Domain. "May that day come soon my love..."

* * *

Link's eyes fluttered wide open immediately, as if on cue. His mind was in a numb and confused state, making him very dizzy. Had he really been dreaming... about Mipha? He tried to get up and adjust his eyes to his surroundings and instead found himself falling off the bed, his face connecting to the ground.

Link's face burned from the sudden impact as he lay on the ground, groaning in pain. He steadily picked himself off the marble floor of the inn, his nose bleeding away, which he tried wiping away with a towel. Having experienced much more severe accidents, this one wasn't so bad, much to Kayden's dismay though who was shocked to see him like that.

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