Chapter V : Reunited at Last

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Warning: This chapter contains some descriptive violence in it.

Darkness overlay the land like a blanket, sending Hyrule into a chaotic state. The sky above glowed eerily with a pinkish haze, primarily around where the Divine Beasts were resting, ready for battle. A very familiar and nagging feeling arose in his chest as thoughts of the Champions raced through his mind.

The Divine Beasts were quite a distance away from their last meeting point near Mount Lanayru. That of course, was a positive thing since it would take the Champions a good number of hour to get back to their appointed Beasts. They had a head start, but hopefully Zelda and her guards would reach them in time to deliver the warning.

But... would they believe her? She was the Princess of Hyrule and a very esteemed figure, but after all their years of love and labor put into their given tasks for this day and now to throw it all away? Urbosa might be easy to convince since she and Zelda were very close. Daruk and especially Revali might be a whole new story.

Link whispered a short prayer to Hylia that everything would go according to the plan. Zelda had also sent word to her father to evacuate everyone from the castle and surrounding areas. That was if they were still alive. Everyone depended on him how. He mustn't fail or else everything would be in vain.

Link's heart strained painfully as he continued running up the hill, making him stagger and fall face first into the ground. He groaned in pain, his hands shakily grasping the grass to support himself up. So early in and he's here wasting precious time by falling around? His lungs were already burning in excruciating pain. At this level, forcing them any further would cause them to explode. He gasped for air, taking a mouthful in.

Rest was needed. He was in no condition to run this much in such a short time. Continuing at this rate would only slow him down instead. Heck, he's probably die before he would reach Mipha! A few minutes wouldn't hurt. His joints were aching terribly as well and needed a few moments to recuperate. Just a few... a few.... Link stopped here and slammed his fist into the ground, punching it like a madman. Putting his battered hands to his hair, he yelled out in frustration.

No! He was not going to rest now! This was his only chance to make things right! Slowly, but begrudgingly, Link got to his feet and ran ahead, picking up speed. His lungs again sent sharp jabs of abuse. He only gritted his teeth and pulled on.

The outskirts of Mount Lanayru weren't the ideal spots to trek all the way back to the Domain. The kingdom really only had one main entrance to it and that's was though the Zora River. The winding, rocky paths along it were already difficult to traverse, not to mention all the lizalfols that infested the areas. That'd take longer than he'd hope for. Mipha would most likely travel up the rivers, probably reaching the Zora Domain much quicker. He didn't even have his Zora armor on himself so swimming was out of the question. There wouldn't be time. His body just couldn't cope with the intense pain of traveling such a distance in such a short amount of time. Link shook the negative thoughts away.

Another painful jolt erupted from his lungs, causing him to painfully grasp for air. Just a little more. A little more.... Approaching a descending cliff, Link slowed down and carefully observed the area before him. He spotted the mountainous entrance to the Domain, the Zora River not too far away. Mipha shouldn't be too far off ahead. Hopefully. Perhaps the lizalfols patrolling the areas will slow her down a bit so he could catch up.

A thundering boom from above startled Link who was still struggling to catch his breath. Dark, pink, swirling clouds loomed in the sky, originating from Hyrule Castle. Ganon's horrendous roars echoed throughout the land which sent shivers down everyone's spines. The situation was quickly worsening. Time was running out and so he needed to make haste or else Hyrule would once again be doomed by the same fate.

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