💔 A Break 💔 Part 1

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"Mr. Malhotra, What are you doing?
Leave my hand"
I requested as he was grabbing my arms forcibly and dragging me from the corridor to his room.

He's drunk! as always...
but this is the first time he's using physical force on me. His grip is so strong that... it hurts.
After entering the room and locking it behind, he left my hand with a push that I bang my head on the cupboard and hissed in pain.

With my teary eyes, I turned my head only to meet his red, angered, dark eyes...

But the question is still the same; why is he doing this all of a sudden when he was not at all acknowledging my presence until this evening?

"Why are you doing this?"
I managed to ask as he again grabbed me by my shoulders caging me between him and the cupboard.

"Why am I doing?
YOU are asking me when you're the bloody reason!" He growled coming dangerously close to my face that his nose is touching mine.

I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion.
What did I do wrong this time?

"You all girls are the same; the filthy gold-diggers who can stoop any low for just money... bloody money!" he shouted pushing me back and got away.

The smell of alcohol is so strong that I feel like puking my stomach out.
Thank god my Adi is not here!

Well, it hurt less now...being called a gold digger as I knew since the very wedding night of ours... that this is what he thinks of me:
A gold-digger!


My dad, who is my everything, told me to get married & I did, even without meeting the groom before. I got to know who is he, The Manik Malhotra, CEO of Malhotra Industries which is now No.1 in India & among the top five in the world.

I used to live in the U.S after my mom's death as dad got a job there and we settled there only. Dad works as a trusted employee of Mr. Raj Malhotra, my Father-in-law, who resides in the U.S. only, with my Mother-in-law. While their son is in-charge of the Indian branch and lives here.
So, after marriage, I've to get shifted to Malhotra Mansion, New Delhi. It is a very huge house with well-designed large rooms...

I'm sitting in the middle of the king-sized bed with a veil on my head covering the face like a newly wedded bride which I am!
I'm hell nervous & excited to get to know my husband who is now my life-partner, my everything!

And he came in locking the door behind...
With his every single step my heartbeat is increasing so much that I feared it might be audible to him...

He stopped at the edge of the bed and I could feel him staring at me to which I lowered my head...

That's it!

Until this moment was my happiness.
My dream of prince charming, fairy tale husband... All went to gutter after this moment.

"Get off my bed!" he sounded cold and rude. I couldn't get what he meant by 'My bed'.

"Can't you hear?
Get the hell out of my bed and take that couch."

This time I looked up and could see upto his sherwani as I had not removed my veil yet.

"Manik?-" I tried speaking but he cut me...

"Oh! Seems like you don't get words easily... Then let me explain!" He took a short pause before resuming.
"You are married to me only for the world.
In this house, never ever dare to impose your rights on me... You're only suppose to be a good mother to my child & care for him.
Don't, I repeat, Don't talk to me unless it is about Aditya; Don't touch my things; don't even try to get close to me...
In return, you'll get whatever you want; all facilities, as much as money you need!
But don't you dare disobey me.
Now move!"  He yelled making me jump and I silently walked out of 'his' bed...

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