💔 A Break 💔 Part 4

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"Excuse me! Who are you?" Dhruv asked. The woman turned with a smile in her face, shocking us to core...

We could hear Alya's voice from our back. She just came in to get the shock.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in anger.

"I came to meet my old friends..." She replied very casually "-and my son" she added turning her head to Aditya, who stood in confusion.

"We are not your friends anymore!" Cabir yelled.

"Nor he's your son!" I declared shooting glares at her.

"What are you saying?... He is clearly my blood, my son!" She stated and walked to him, bending to his level.

"Hey, My Son! How are you doing?" She asked as if asking some formal friend, not her son. No affection!

"I'm not your son!" Adi declared loudly pushing her hand away.

"Ohhhhhh! looks like your Daddy didn't teach you how to talk to your mom?" She exclaimed with her brows raised.
"No problem, I'll teach you from now on!" She added and forwarded her forearm to get a hold of Adi's hands.

"Leave me" Adi struggled in her grip, but she has her tight grip on him.
And before anyone could do anything, Adi bite on her arm causing her whine back.

"Aaaaaaaahhh" She screamed away from Adi, checking the red teeth mark on her right hand. She raised up her eyes at Adi looking furiously.

"You kid!" She shouted pulling her hand in the air to offer a tight slap to Adi, who now was crawling back, being scared of her.

And the hand got caught before it could hit Adi by...

I whispered as she appeared in front.

Nandini's POV

How dare she raise her hands on my Adi? Is she even a mother herself?

"How dare you?" I said in a low dangerous tone looking directly to her moist eyes due to the tight grip of my hand on her. I pushed her throwing her hand away to which she trembled back.

Adi hugged my legs in fear... and I immediately find myself turning to kneel in front of him.

My baby is scared!
"Hey! Don't cry! I'm here... Don't worry! Mumma's with her Adi" I murmured sweet nothings in his ears while rubbing his back to calm him down.

"Ohhh! So, you're his Nanny!
It's all because of you that he got this rebellious. I'll deal with you later on!" Veebha muttered angrily and moved towards Fab5. I completely ignored her and concentrate on handling my Adi.

"Hey, guys! I hope you like my surprise... and please don't tell me: 'you are not our friend, not my girlfriend, not his mom'... and all bullshit!" She cooed sarcastically to Fab5 who are standing in anger and shock.

I got the hint that there will be a big issue happening over here so, I took Adi with me to his room.

"Why do you come here Veebha?" Mukti asked calming her raging rage.

"Of course, to meet you" She replied shrugging, as a matter of fact.

"Just cut this nonsense and split the real reason." Manik growled impatiently seeing her cool drama.

"This is really one of the reasons; we are childhood buddies, after all!" Veebha answered shrugging her shoulders.

"You're never our friend from the very beginning... You are always after Manik's property and wealth. Don't think that we don't your real face!" Cabir shouted.

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