💔 A Break 💔 Part 3

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"For now, I need a break."
Everyone stood wide-eyed in almost shock.

"You may ask; why am I not leaving after all this?
Then, I'll say, Adi needs me... No! actually, I need him. After all, he's the only one in this whole house who loves me from his heart.

And still, if you think that I'm sticking to you for your money, then sorry! I can't help you. I couldn't do anything more to change your mind." I muttered to Fab5 disappointed with the thought that I still couldn't alter their mindset.

"And about me being bed-warmer for pleasure and money... If you're saying all this based on those photographs. Then I won't explain myself.
I know what I am? And I never need a photo to certify my character." I declared and closed my suitcase to move.

"One last thing!" I stopped and turned back holding my bag when I remembered something very important to say.

"I'm definitely not like her. You know, how?
I didn't leave without a word; like her.
I didn't run away in your difficult time; like her.
I didn't hurt you beyond repair; like she did.

And if I did unintentionally, then I'm Sorry for...." I get cut by Adi's voice, who came running since I took a lot time here.

"Mummmaaa I'm lateee"

I wiped my tears before turning to Adi so that he won't get to see.

"Mumma are you crying?" He instantly asked in a caring tone looking at my pale fluffy face though tear-ridden.

How much he loves me to see even the tears which I don't wanna show him? I thought.

"Where are you going, Mumma?" He added when his eyes trailled at the suitcase I'm holding.

"Come Adi
I'll tell you at the car. we are late na?" I cooed taking him with me & walked out of the house...

In a break... to live my life, my passion.


"Papa... I'm not getting this" Adi came to my room holding his notebook for the 5th time in the day as he's facing difficulties in solving the mathematics problem.
Even Rema Kaki is on half-day today as she hurt her hand.

"Adi, Can you not do your homework for today?" I voiced tired as I'm already busy with an important project file for tommorow.

"No Papa! Mumma said to be a good boy and do my homework every day!" He answered with a pout and get settled on my bed.

"Then, why don't you call your Mumma and ask her help?"

It has been 5 days since she left.
She told Adi that she's going on a trip just like Adi went but for more days than him. She even calls Adi twice a day and took his call whenever needed.

I- I kinda miss her presence...

Even though I never talk to her and just walked away whenever I saw her; but I miss seeing her around...

My clothes are not arranged now; my hanky is not replaced with a new one for the last 3 days; I couldn't get my 'lucky' blue necktie today & has to attend the meeting with another one.
Every morning, as soon as I wake up, my eyes involuntarily searched for her with a cup of black tea... I did get my black tea from Kaki, but it doesn't taste the same. Even I crave for the food she used to make.

I didn't get to know when I get habituated to her... I feel like- like something is empty without her.

"Hello Mummmaaa"
Aditya's cooing broke my trance and I looked up at Adi with his phone which she gave him to contact her.

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