💔 A Break 💔 Part 5

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Sorry guys! I'm really sorry for not updating right away. Actually, I'd got eye problems; redness, itchy n puffy eyes. For that, I was strictly instructed not to even peek into laptop or mobile. So, I couldn't write. Sorry once again!

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I hurriedly wrapped my right hand around his back, supporting him to walk upstairs.

I led him to his room after coming out of the car driven by Dhruv. Cabir offered to help him to his room but no!

"My wife will help me"
This is what he said and opened his arm gently gesturing me to go & help. I signed and did as he said.

Ever since he woke up, he is behaving really... Weird!

"I'll get you soup. Till then just take rest" I informed adjusting the pillow at his back so that he can sit back resting on the bedpost and keep his bandaged fractured hand carefully.

I looked up to see him staring at me with intensity. His stares made me weak and butterflies started jumping in my stomach. Strange!

"Do- do you need anything, Mr. Malhotra?" I asked turning my eyes away from his. The intense look don't help me either.

"It's Manik. Manik for you!" He said for the second time already, still looking at me deeply.

The first time was when he opened his eyes... The first thing he asked for is...


Everyone was shocked, me included.
But I walked to him and he tried moving his right hand only to hiss in pain. I grabbed his hand with mine, unable to see him in pain. I had dried tears on my cheeks as I was crying looking at his state.

"Come closer" he ordered while his eyes held mine.

"Hun?" I couldn't believe my ears and ask as a reflex.

"Bring your face closer to my hand" he said raising his left, uninjured hand up a bit while he was grabbing my right hand with his, tightly.

Even though I couldn't get what he wanted but I did as said.
Others are just standing right in the hospital room with us, just looking at us.

He raised his hand to wipe my cheeks erasing the dried tears. I looked at his eyes asking for what was that?!

"Don't cry... EVER"
He whispered making me more emotional.

I was feeling so good.

And then I felt that something is wrong with him. It's not the usual him... Is it?

"Mr. Malhotra, you-"

"It's Manik, Manik for you" He cut me making more confirmed to my doubt that something is definitely wrong!

He might have hit his head really strong to forget what he is? Who is he?
Or maybe, Who am I? ... Did he think of me as Veebha?.... But again, why will he call my name?

"Papaaaa" here comes Adi running to meet his father after a day long.

I had come to check on him when Manik was unconscious and made him understand that his Papa got into an accident and will come back after a day.
It took me lot of efforts to make him understand & to make him agree to stay at home welcoming his Papa.

Adi ran and jumped onto Manik making him hiss in pain.

"Adi... Get down! Papa is in pain" I said sternly making him sad but he compailed.

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