💔 A Break 💔 Part 2

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Rema Kaki is the one who told me about Mr. Malhotra's past and Adi's birth-mother's truth...

From the very childhood, Manik's parents get themselves busy at work and only work, making a lot of money.
That time Manik has the only family; Fab5(Cabir, Dhruv, Mukti, Alya, & Manik) and Veebha(V).

Manik was in a live-in relation with Veebha, his long-time childhood friend and girlfriend.
Everyone liked her a lot but she turned out to be money-minded lady, who had been sticking to Manik because of his family background, his bank balance, his looks & his charm.

Then, she got pregnant!
Manik got happy and decided to marry her soon. Even she got happy as she will legally be part of so rich family.

But just a few days before their marriage, Malhotra companies went into crisis, even his Mom-Dad felt the crisis. They faced an internal betrayer in their office who leaked information to rivals...
But the loss was already done!

Seeing Manik's wealth status and how he has become penniless, Veebha decided to leave and she just left a letter and walked out silently...

Manik got broken!
He turned ruthless... He became a rude, arrogant, cold-hearted hardcore businessman who built up Malhotra companies once again within a year.

Even, Fab5 too badmouthed Veebha, whom they once used to loved and trusted a lot... Now, they curse their fate... and they never trusted anyone anymore, apart from themselves, The Fab5!

Each one of them has past that joined them to each other, forming the Fab5:
Mukti's parents who wanted a boy, not a girl, treated her as a trash and she ran out.
Cabir's mom couldn't accept his son being gay and disowned him.
Dhruv's dad murdered his mom & went behind the bars, leaving him alone.
And Alya is orphan who got accused of being playing around with boys and got thrown out of the orphanage even without her fault.

Each one of them has it's own pain which made them lonely and stone-hearted. They all stay at Mansion together.
They do love & care for Adi as Manik's son... but sometimes they just became rude thinking of V.

After a few months of Veebha's dispersal, she kept her baby boy in front of his house with a note. Manik was both happy and sad:
Happy seeing his own blood and flesh, his son and Sad remembering V's betrayal.

At that time, Manik's parents forced him to get married to me, Nandini, Raj Malhotra's trusted employee's daughter who helped him in crisis.




Years passed and Adi grew up.

When he, for the first time, called me 'Mumma'... It was just inexpressible...just... I was in cloud nine...
That was the happiest day of my married life till date!

Then as he grew up, I slowly started my job from the very beginning...
It was difficult but I tried!

A break in career made my chances down but my talent never dies nor my passion for it.

I manage to get a job in a newly-founded company that was owned by my childhood best friend, Aryaman Khurana. He started his business in India and fortunately, I met him here.

I, initially, started my work from home only as Adi need my attention and care. But when Adi started to join school, I got his school hours for my job. As the company's Boss is my friend, I got leniency.

I've given everything I can:
I accepted Manik's ignorance and did as he said; not to interfere in his life.
I withstood Fab5's insult & hurtful words but didn't utter a word.
I loved Adi as my own.
I never asked for any money, any jewelry, any party... nothing!
I even gave 2nd importance to the work that I loved to my death...my passion, my job, my life.

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