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I woke up to a soft, cool breeze blowing across my hair and a beautiful man with his arm slung across my waist, spooning me.

Last nights events came rushing to my mind and I smiled as I saw my peacefully sleeping husband breathing calmly as he held me close.

I don't know what changed in a night but he was beginning to look extremely handsome to me...inside and outside.

Carefully, I twisted slightly and slipped out of his hold.

The weather was slightly cold but I noticed he'd kicked off his covers. Biting my lip, I gently covered his legs again.

Showering quickly, I got ready and stepped out.

Taehyung was still sleeping.

Walking over to him, I gently shook him. He had to go to work soon.

"Taehyung, wake up." I pushed away his hair from his face.

He groaned as his hand grasped my wrists. "Ahhh, just five more minutes, Y/N." 

Sighing, I tried again.

"Taehyung, won't you be late?" I asked. "You should really get up now."

His eyes fluttered open and he stared at me, confused. "Work? What work?" He mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "I thought it was a Friday today."

I frowned. "Yeah, so?"

Taehyung groaned, throwing a fit. "Ahhhh, why did you have to wake me up? Y/N, ahhhh! I don't go to work on Fridays, Saturday's and Sundays." He complained getting up slowly.

My eyes widened.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I picked up the covers. "Go back to sleep. I'm sorry to disturb you."

He gave me one look and his eyes softened slightly. Then, he shrugged. "Now that I'm up, I might as well just get ready."

"Oh, okay." I spoke, a little confused and watched as he got out of bed.

"By the way," He looked at me. "...you look good today." He complimented after a pause as if he was a little hesitant.

I glanced at his sleepy face and his bed hair and smiled.

"Thanks, I-" I was cut short as Taehyung swooped down to place a soft kiss on my cheek and then rushed to the wardrobe before I could react.

That evening, I was just sitting by the window reading when Taehyung entered the room.

Handing me a golden box, he gestured towards the dressing room.

"Dad just told me." He said. "We have an important party to go to in an hour. So, get ready."

A little surprised, I took the box and rushed to get ready.

Taehyung's POV

I breath stuck in my throat when Y/N walked out wearing the gold dress.

I was feeling proud of myself for having chosen such a perfect dress for Y/N's creamy complexion.

As I had envisioned, she looked absolutely stunning in that dress. It accentuated her tiny body and drew attention to her perfect collarbones.

Sexy yet elegant—it was the perfect outfit for my wife.

I swallowed as she walked up to me.

"I hope this looks fine." She said, looking to her side doubtfully.

Her hair was put up in a loose, messy bun and her lips were red, making her clear brown eyes look even brighter.

I cleared my throat. "It's quite nice." I shrugged nonchalantly.

In reality my heart was thumping like crazy.
But I was also anxious to see what the night would bring.

Even though I'd begun to trust her, tonight would be Y/N's real test. I was going to see where her loyalties lay and if she proved herself, I was never going to doubt her integrity again.


Although, Taehyung was the one who had informed me about the party, I had decided to put his dedication towards me to a final test.

While I was getting ready, my father had texted me telling me that he too was going to be in attendance at the said party.

Now what was left to see, was whether or not Taehyung would greet him with real respect despite knowing that it was our fathers who made us marry without our consents.

If he was to pass in this little test of mine, I'd decided to give up whatever inhibitions I had about him and truly consider him to be my husband, a man I could admire, a man I could look up to and a man, I could really, truly love.

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