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I was trying my level best to mingle as amicably as possible with all the guests at the party. It wasn't just my reputation that was on the line after all, it was Taehyung's and his dad's as well.

In my peripheral vision I could see Taehyung sitting with my father. They were sat much closer than any business partners would and chatted away freely while sipping on their drinks.

A tight knot in my heart relaxed when my father laughed at something Taehyung had said and patted him on the back.

I smiled. It felt so good seeing them together.
My faith in Taehyung hadn't been misplaced and I admired him more than ever for not letting me down.

I greeted another couple of gentlemen with a gracious nod and headed to where they were sitting.

"Ahhh Y/N, my daughter." My father beamed and looked at Taehyung. "Son, why don't you ask her to dance?"

Taehyung, surprisingly, seemed more than ready and got up immediately as if he'd been waiting for my father to say so.

Straightening his coat, he grinned and offered me his arm.

Smiling back, I took his arm as he led us to the dance floor.

I wasn't a bad dancer myself, certainly not but Taehyung's dancing skills were on a whole another level. He twirled me effortlessly and led me through tricky steps as if I were nothing but a feather.

My dress swirled around my legs as we danced. Our bodies were pressed together and his hand was firm on the small of my back as he pushed, pulled and turned me around to the heady music.

Taehyung's POV

Y/N was beautiful.

And she was mine.

I couldn't help but stare at her as she danced in my arms.

She was so pretty tonight, I was almost afraid I'd lose control the moment we reached home.

Ever since last night, I was struggling to hold myself back but seeing her now, I wanted to kill any man who dared look at her.

The wispy tendrils of her dark hair kissing her collarbones were mocking me and her mouth seemed so inviting...

She was my wife, yes but an oh so enchanting beauty that I couldn't even think of her without wanting to push her against the wall and kiss her.

I was euphoric as she'd proven herself. And so well.

I did feel guilty for keeping a check on her like that but I had to do it.

For the sake of my family.

And for the sake of my heart...

All through the night, I'd watched her as she'd laughed and chatted with our friends and business partners.

I was afraid she was going to perhaps leak important information or maybe she was just there to spy on the in and outs of our social circle but never once had I seen her doing anything that looked remotely suspiscious. I knew I was probably being paranoid to even doubt her in the first place—but being paranoid cane hand-in-hand with being rich. It was one of the few downsides of being wealthy that could never be ignored.

Never once had Y/N seemed calculative or sly and she'd carried herself so well in front of all the media...truly upholding the honour of the Kim family.

That just made me love her even more...



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