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We ended the call with an agreement that he will be here to pick me up in 30 minutes.

With an internal freak out happening inside my head I see Minji coming out of her room and making her way to the kitchen to make her morning coffee.

"Minji you would never believe what just happened," I said.

"What you finally figured out the boy you're taking to is that famous maknae  from bangtan," she said, continuing to stir her coffee, not looking up.

I stare at her wide-eyed, not being able to say a word correctly, "Wh- ... yo- .... kne- .... how?!"

She scoffed, "Please, its so obvious you can tell, you're just too stupid to realize it, no offense, Come on now Jae , when 7 guys text you and say they are in the entertainment industry and have to ask someone for permission while lamely trying to cover it up. Even their names correspond to their actual names. Nj as Namjoon, Sj as Seokjin and especially jk, I thought you would have figured that out by now."

Damn sis let me down softly

"When you say 'no offense' I'm definitely gonna take offense !" I screamed putting my hands in the air from surprise, "why didn't you tell me then?"

She turned around, "Where's the fun in that?"

I stood up and walked childishly to her while whining 'Minji~' to her face. She waved me off and said,

"Don't you have to get ready to meet that maknae of yours?"

I stood up alarmed, "Oh shit you're right! Thank you Minji! I forgive you for saying those mean things, love you~~"

All I heard was her laugh before shutting the door to my room and speed walking to my bathroom to take a shower. After taking a quick shower I put on my outfit that I was already planning  to wear today so might as well wear it since I'm meeting jk.

(Her outfit ^ SHE A BAD BITCH MKAYY)

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(Her outfit ^ SHE A BAD BITCH MKAYY)

I just leave my hair natural after blow drying it and put on some makeup consisting of concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lip tint.

I step back from my mirror and stare at myself with a smirk and say, "I'm a bad bitch ayee".

I stop short when I hear a knock on the door. I practically ran to the door while screaming at Minji not to answer the door. She just watches me with amused eyes when I tripped over a small puddle of water.

I finally get to the door and I throw it open smiling so wide you can barely see my eyes. What I'm meet on the other side of the door is Jungkook, in all his glory, smiling back at me.

"KOOKIE!!" I scream as I jump up to hug him. When I say jump up, I literally meant jump up because when I put my arms around his neck, I could feel my feet dangling from the ground.

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