The capital

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Roswaal liking that rimuru will become Emilia Knight says: "Sooo we coome to an agreement. Today where going to the capital so I'll anounce you becoming her kniiight."

Rimuru does not reply and walks out of the room. He goes outside and waits for the time to leave.

Later that day Emilia walks up to Rimuru, (who is laying on the ground) says:"Rimuru. It is time to go, do you have every thing you need."

Rimuru:" Ya, I have everything I need."

Emilia:" Thats good. The carriage is ready so were about to leave."

Emilia and Rimuru walk to the carriage and get in it to see Roswaal, Ram, and Rem who is driving the cariage. Rimuru decides not to talk until they get the capital.

A couple hours later they arrive in the capital.

Emilia:" Is there something like clothing or supplies that you need."

Rimuru:" now that you mention it I would like to have some new cloths other than the blue jacket I'm wearing.

Emilia:" What are you interested in."

Rimuru:" I was thinking about a black coat or something."

Emilia:" Theres a shop down the road that sales clothing. Do you want to check it out?"

Rimuru:" Sure."

Rimuru and Emilia walk to the clothing shop.

As Rimuru walks in. Something automatically catches his eye's.

Rimuru:" What about that." (As he points his fingers to a black coat that looks about his size)

Some guy who works there walks up and speaks:" Ahh, you have really good taste and looks to be your size."

Rimuru:" Great, I'll take it."

" Thats a great choice, now may ask who is paying for this."

Emilia:" Roswaal L Mathers. Rimuru, Roswaal gave me some money to spend for something that you may want."

Rimuru:" I'll have to thank him later. Anyways shall I try this on now."

Rimuru:" Walks in an area where he can change. Shortly after he walks out.

Rimuru:" How do I look?"

Emilia eye's sparkle and she says:" You look amazing!"

Rimuru:" Thanks."

Emilia:" Is there anything else you want."

Rimuru:" No, nothing else is on my mind. I have a sword so Im good."

Emilia:" Well, do you want to go to the royal selection meeting with me?"

Rimuru:" Sure, Plus I can scare away anybody who tries to mess with you."

Emilia: "Dont over do it."

Rimuru:" Dont worry I won't."

Emilia and Rimuru leave the store and start to walk where they will meet the other royal candidates. As they get closer they see a knight with light purple hair.

Emilia:" Hello Julius, How have you been?"

Julius:" who is the person beside you?"

Emilia:" This is Rimuru tempest."

Julius:" Reinhardt has told me a lot about you."

Rimuru:" He did, what did he say."

Julius:" He told me how you single handedly kill the Bowel hunter, which most of the knights couldn't have defeated her. For that you have my thanks."

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