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RICK GRIMES short mini 🌶️stories by slutforgrimesxoxo
RICK GRIMES short mini 🌶️storiesby slutforgrimesxoxo
Rick grimes mini spicy 🌶️ stories to keep you entertained and 💦
The seven psychos by Bts_ot7_fan27
The seven psychosby Bts_ot7_fan27
Veronica is a University student in New York. BTS are businessmen with a psychotic side. *What did I get myself into* Veronica thought. Read to find out what will happ...
Secreto De Amor (Miguel O'Hara x Reader) by Alexaaneli
Secreto De Amor (Miguel O'Hara x Alexaaneli
18+ mature readers only! Will contain explicit language and smut! It is a dad's best friend trope Forbids romance Age gap Miguel O'Hara is your father's best friend...
IN THE DARK by Eyoona
IN THE DARKby Eyoona
[SEXUAL CONTENT] [MAFIA NOVEL] باختصار هي مزيج من كل الأشياء النقية في هذا العالم. لديها قلب من الماس. واحدة من أجمل المخلوقات التي صنعها الله...
His Majesty |bwwm| by Black_Orchid12
His Majesty |bwwm|by Black_Orchid12
"Age is just a number baby girl," King Brendon continued. I was standing before him in the hallway and I wished this wasn't the case. Why was there a freaking...
Dayaar-e-Ishq🍁 by farahaha18
Dayaar-e-Ishq🍁by farah
A village that embraces a multitude of norms and cultures, some of which may challenge contemporary perspectives. Within this village, there exist two actions that are r...
King Arthur legend of the sword alternate version.                    Elsa lives by mrchadha
King Arthur legend of the sword Mudit Chadha
King Arthur x Wife of Vortigen Elsa What if instead of Vortigen sacrificing his wife, he sacrifices one of his trusted commanders and best friend named Pellinore who hav...
To be continued... by AldwinAriasAquino
To be AldwinAriasAquino
The story doesn't end here.
ADDICTION by Snowball_06
ADDICTIONby Snowball_06
A story about a smoker, who's lungs are filled with smoke and heart with fire... And a cigarette, a masochist, who got a knack of getting burned to ashes until the fume...
Jimin ff | Forced mirrage when you are only 14 | jimin mafia ff 14+ by bts_army_ff_uwu
Jimin ff | Forced mirrage when bts_army_ff_uwu
[This is a fantacy ff. This is just a fans imagination (fanfiction). So it means none of the things are going to happen in real life which are mentioned here. Dont take...
difficult - hyunlix by Felixramenn
difficult - hyunlixby 헤다 ♡
[ON HIATUS] Hyunjin thought that he was straight, but after finding the right one, the only problem was the large age gap... "Will it work?" ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Age D...
SACRIFICE [VKOOK]  by chaostude_02
Kim Taehyung, the second dragon prince of the Graboki Dynasty and the most feared man sacrificed something which he didn't wish to.
John kramer and Amanda young  by KathleenHandy1
John kramer and Amanda young by story writer ❤️
This is my story about John and amanda this just came to me and I've been having request to do a story of them both About story John finds. Amanda badly hurt on a rainy...
Adventures in Cat-Napping by Aamenah456
Adventures in Cat-Nappingby Aamenah
Three days, two perfect strangers and one missing cat. To Nora and Ali, it's their situation but to anyone else who knows the pair, it's a recipe for disaster. *** Nora...
Double Life by LoweFantasy
Double Lifeby T.S. Lowe
At thirteen, she dreams about being born. At eighteen, she dreams about being a little girl, discovering she has a vague quirk where she lives another life when she slee...
Meera by the_selenophile
Meeraby Rhea
Meera Joshi had always let go off things which meant the world to her, just for her family. The only wish she had was to marry the man of her choice irrespective of his...
A taste of the forbidden by wafaemostafa
A taste of the forbiddenby Jules
People like to say love is unconditional, but it's not, and even if it was unconditional, it's still never free, but that never stop them, it only made them fight more f...
Accidental Love by ThEReAlZ___-
Accidental Loveby Sagie_414
Queen Ball Was Your Typical Ambitious Girl. She Had Her Mind Set On Singing and Only that. She was the ball sister, and never forgotten because of her a beauty but she...
Casey Novak x Reader One-shots  by marchtomydrums
Casey Novak x Reader One-shots by Marchtomydrums
A series of short stories between you and Casey Novak. Rated M stories (**)
William x adult Cassidy  by ryuhybriddragon01
William x adult Cassidy by Ryu hybrid dragon
In this au William was locked in the saferoom for 25 years until Cassidy decided to give him a second chance she learned how to change her age to her 20s William only h...