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Rowan by gabriellelark
Rowanby Gabrielle ☾
Sometimes the truth hurts. // Rowan Easton has finally found the courage to leave an abusive relationship, and as it turns out, her ex boyfriend has no issues with simpl...
Nothing But A Number ~P. Hall-Yoshida   by NotMuchJust_Kei
Nothing But A Number ~P. Keimani Skies
Black Y/n In which Paxton falls for a girl a bit older then him.
Unexpected Feelings by BLOODYPRINCESS_17
Unexpected Feelingsby MeiMei Andres
They say that loving someone na parehas ang sexuality niyo ay mali... Bakit kasi naimbento ang love kung masasaktan at iiyak karin naman? Bakit kasi palaging hinuhusgah...
Mysterious Hide and Seek (BTS fanfiction)(Jk ff)  by blissful3412
Mysterious Hide and Seek (BTS Blissful
So you're Y/n..15yo girl who's really smart, brave and matured.. In this story you're gonna falling in love with a mafia, who isn't normal guy as others., he's cold and...
difficult - hyunlix by Felixramenn
difficult - hyunlixby 헤다 ♡
[ON HIATUS] Hyunjin thought that he was straight, but after finding the right one, the only problem was the large age gap... "Will it work?" ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Age D...
At First Glance//(Harry Styles FanFic) by BaileeBarnesSC
At First Glance//(Harry Styles Bailee Estes💕
To be completely fair, I saw him first. I just didn't know how hard I was going to have to fight to keep him.
Unhappy Endings by Katjaface
Unhappy Endingsby Katjaface
This story is full of unhappy endings. This is your warning to turn away now; before a beautiful love story unfolds and then crumbles. Actually, doesn't that sound like...
The Ageing Cobra X Reader by Zuliansthoughts
The Ageing Cobra X Readerby Zulian
Johnny Lawrence the Sensei/Owner of Cobra Kai opens a new dojo in Chicago and meets one of his former students, Y/N. They start to develop feelings for each other as the...
9 Ways (MadaNaru) by Itachi_S_Lucius
9 Ways (MadaNaru)by Toxicity
She knew it was entirely possible to ruin everything she'd held close. Naruko hadn't expected to be the cause of a family's destruction.
The Stark-Parker by HereswithAddams
The Stark-Parkerby HereswithAddams
Omega playboy-genious Tony Stark never thought about a mate or children,his work and the Avengers were always first. So when he falls in love with the young Alpha Peter...
The Gilded Cage - Accepting My Place by NickLucasx
The Gilded Cage - Accepting My Nick Lucas
Hermione Scott has found her family and the place where she wants to live, in The Gilded Cage Part One, Finding My Place. But having decided to join the Christian Commun...
Along the Way (Completed) by mine_ya
Along the Way (Completed)by Aching_heart
Age doesn't matter? -Age is a matter for someone who doesn't have the capability to fight for someone they love. -Age is not a matter for someone who is willing to d...
Only Once (Lena Reid, Reid Family Book #5) by losautenticos
Only Once (Lena Reid, Reid losautenticos
Good old, reliable George, with the wide toothy grin- there was something about him that had always made Lena's heart beat a little faster. He wasn't dangerous, wasn't a...
Irresistible (Zouis)✔✔ Rewrite by Bhree_Anna_Styles
Irresistible (Zouis)✔✔ Rewriteby bhreeanna
The one where Louis a 15 year old boy gets a baby sitter even after much protesting and his mother not budging. He soon comes face to face with Zayn Malik, to sum him u...
Forever his ~ Harry Potter's daughter by FinnishUnicorn
Forever his ~ Harry Potter's DaughterOfSatan
Harry Potter's daughter Selenia is so strong she has trouble controlling her powers. One day an accident sends her back in time to when her own father attended Hogwarts...
Unravel Me  by agateophobxa
Unravel Me by agateophobxa
"I won't touch you until you tell me what you want. What do you want me to do to you Stella?" His grey eyes swimming with adoration as he slowly rolls up his w...
i now PRONOUNce you husband and wife by hummu12
i now PRONOUNce you husband and ross
alyx x cammy poo fall in love despite their differences🥺 maybe two wrongs do make a right 🥴‼️
The Alpha's Only Choice by deehdoe
The Alpha's Only Choiceby deehdoe
Matthew Wood met his mate before he knew how to walk or talk. He had known he was made for her when he was nine. All he had to do now was wait. Wait for the perfect mome...