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Althea - The Female Alpha by milz0923
Althea - The Female Alphaby Mila
'"Nobody leaves" Althea's voice boomed, stopping everyone in their track. Matt and Tray were shocked by the dominance her voice held. It was strange, she was a...
Althea - The Dark Goddess by milz0923
Althea - The Dark Goddessby Mila
Aries: "I rest my elbow on the glass and lean down, looking past the crowds of people. Humans. Werewolves. Even other creatures by the looks of it. It wasn't like...
WE ALL DIE ▸ NICK CLARK by yestarday0
Katherine is a 19-year-old, architecture student, who gets stuck, once again, with the Clark family, but this time, the world's ending. TW: a lot of cursing, and everyth...
unknown temptation. ˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗ by jahsehsw0rld
unknown temptation. ˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗by Wr1ting4you
"i don't need you!" "okay, well i need you."
Psycho But Not Really by scrumptiouschan
Psycho But Not Reallyby jjasmine
NOT EDITED - pls note that I was like 12 when I wrote this kabsjwhjsbdbd Psycho; psychopath, or psychopathic. Althea, is the daughter of a psychologist, and will do anyt...
Piece of Cake (Rastro) by vodkaxxx
Piece of Cake (Rastro)by ReD
Jade Ramos is the vice president of Luna Ent. Company.. She was a serious person with cold demeanor and able to make people pissed in their pants just by her death glare...
BLOCK ME OUT ➻❥ riven • fate the winx saga by -despressos
BLOCK ME OUT ➻❥ riven • fate the 𝓁𝒾𝓎𝒶𝒽 ✩
it's only cute and fear-invoking to have a mental breakdown during her first year at alfea college if she happened to be the crown princess, but a simple overwhelmed min...
A FIGHTER'S TOUCH (A RaStro Story)_COMPLETED by ajldlkbv20
A FIGHTER'S TOUCH (A RaStro Story) ajldlkbv20
If loving someone means that you get to be the person who can hurt them most, would you choose to continue what you feel? Or you'd rather be the one who will save them f...
The decision to leave was worth it by HeartJabelosa
The decision to leave was worth itby Heart Jabelosa
"Finally, after so how many years of forgetting you it's gone!!" I shouted at a very loud voice
Diamond|bellamy blake by pottermarvel
Diamond|bellamy blakeby Anna
DIAMOND "Ginger." "Tinker Bell." "Crazy redhead." "Curly ass." EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE THE 100 BELLAMY BLAKE X OC COVER MADE BY...
The Secret Society by whitetigr
The Secret Societyby whitetigr
People on TikTok wanted a story based on @braydonbiard's acting on TikTok. Althea, a young girl in a small town, discovers a job from a mysterious man. After struggling...
Blooms sister by Katerank01
Blooms sisterby Katelyn rankin
You all know about Daphne, but you don't know about Callie! See not even Bloom and Daphne know about me because I was shipped down to earth. After what everyone thought...
On Love & Friendship by Senseiwan
On Love & Friendshipby Senseiwan
Have you ever found a love so real and perfect but found that you can never be together? Like there are some truth to the quote "Sometimes people are meant to fall...
B@ck for Good  (RaStro) COMPLETED by vodkaxxx
B@ck for Good (RaStro) COMPLETEDby ReD
They planned everything. Even getting married. But something went wrong. Something that she never saw it coming. "Please. . . .Please stay with me. . ." "...
Pureblood Problems  🌙  Remus Lupin Love Story by MoonLitLaufeyson
Pureblood Problems 🌙 Remus MoonLitLaufeyson
"The moon looks gorgeous tonight," "Awooooo," "Moment ruined, thanks Thorne," ... The beautiful tale of Althea Thorne, pureblood Slytherin...
C H F I L W Y (JaThea) by RamonaSixteen
C H F I L W Y (JaThea)by RamonaSixteen
"Simplehan lang natin...." Althea to Jade. "Ang alin?" Jade to Althea. Ngumiti lang si Althea sabay hawak ng mahigpit sa kamay ni Jade.
Falling into Jade by beautifulobsession11
Falling into Jadeby beautifulobsession11
Are you willing to wait for the person who let you go? I'm sorry in advance if there is a wrong grammar. I am just a beginner. Hope you enjoy!
Rastro Rehab (A Rastro Fanfic) by blissforyou
Rastro Rehab (A Rastro Fanfic)by blissforyou
(Based on real life events) Rhian Ramos had a dilemma. She suddenly found herself longing for the company of her former co-star Glaiza de Castro. But there was an obstac...
Never again will I fall by cinnamonrollnoot
Never again will I fallby Avril
Althea lives in Troll Market, in the shadows, away from everyone it's easier that way, safe from bad memories but when Gunmar takes control they all come back and she ne...
Till It's Time by Senseiwan
Till It's Timeby Senseiwan
"Why do you have to comeback when i just started rebuilding my life? " "Jade my great love. My joy. My pain "- Althea I am just another fan of TRMD ...