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Forgotten by Connorperry42
Forgottenby Connorperry42
Five years ago they'd created a family. They had a child, a toddler and a baby. The two parents were thrilled, they doted on their three children. Two parents to three k...
Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall) by Connorperry42
Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall)by Connorperry42
Niall was having a hard time so the boys made him their baby however the stress from touring gets to them and they forget what they've done. Now that things are cooling...
The Baby's first step  by poopyheadlol
The Baby's first step by ✨Bishhh✨
"Now Niall would you be a good boy for daddy and drink from your milk bottle" "NO,WHY ARE YOU TREATING ME LIkE A BABY?" ________________ Where Niall...
Story Of My Life by -NewRules-
Story Of My Lifeby -NewRules-
Niall Horan has it all. At fourteen years of age he's part of the biggest boyband in the world, has four amazing brothers who he looks up to and a million girls at his f...
Oops! by belle_O3
Oops!by 𝐵𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒
Jasmine is the new girl at Franklin high, she is in for a big surprise with her new friends liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Josh Briggs On the first day of their friendsh...
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay)   by natasharomalove
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay) by natasharomalove
Niall is suddenly stressed from touring and being in a band, the boys notice, so they come up with a plan to help Niall out. (Yes, Zayn will be in this) Updates every Tu...
Baby Niall by morales_20
Baby Niallby morales_20
What will happen if Niall gets turn into a baby? What will the boys do about niall.
Finding You Was So Hard by thewhimsical
Finding You Was So Hardby miranda
Niall doesn't know what he wants until he falls right into him. AU Narry age play
One Direction Fluff by EllaBella651
One Direction Fluffby EllaBella651
One direction stories with pure fluff and no smut. Mostly Liam and Niall as the youngest ones.
Lilo Family by NoahJatp
Lilo Familyby NoahJatp
(English isn't my language)
The Ones We Don't See by ShineyBoot
The Ones We Don't Seeby The Irish One
The moon shines, as the darkness creeps in on the soul of the broken blonde. Every moment of everyday he waits. He waits for his brothers to find him. Niall, the homele...
Take Care of You || n.s (complete) by morningdaisy
Take Care of You || n.s (complete)by philo is on hiatus
Harry looked at the tiny boy in his arms and felt his heart swell in fondness. Right then and there he knew one thing, and one thing only. He would love this boy and pro...
Niall the youngest (one-shots, series) by AsLongAsNiallsBottom
Niall the youngest (one-shots, bottom Niall cult
NIALL CENTRIC and especially ZIALL. Niall is the youngest out of the 5, emotional, wimpish, and extremely adorable. Louis is the teaser, Liam is the daddy one, Zayn is s...
One direction ageplay one-shots by max_one-directioner
One direction ageplay one-shotsby max_one-directioner
This is my first one shot book and all the pictures I use for every chapter that is what you should imagine when reading the specific chapter. I'm also adding a friend...
Babysitters  by ravenWholeheart
Babysitters by ravenWholeheart
Niall is all alone ever since one alpha of his got kidnapped, and now the other is barley home. He needs comfort. He suggests ageplay to help, but instead of ageplaying...
I'll hold the pieces together by Aliceinwonder1997
I'll hold the pieces togetherby Aliceinwonder
Liam starts to notice weird child like things happening with Niall. What happens when Niall accidentally calls him daddy?
Boarding delinquent school for males (Niall centric) by delena01046
Boarding delinquent school for Delena
Niall centric, nialll parents force him to go to a delinquent boarding school. Where everyone is given a "buddy" to look after them and live with them. Excep...
Oneshots by -NewRules-
Oneshotsby -NewRules-
- Oneshots of the boys in the band - Prompts are open - Usually with Niall, Zayn or Harry as the youngest although ages differ from chapter to chapter
Bed wetter by 1dNouisHoranson
Bed wetterby
Niall is having problems with bed wetting. He hopes it wil stop when the boys go on tour. The boys find out and niall gets really upset :( This story contains - Ageplay ...