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The Black Swordsman by storly
The Black Swordsmanby storly
Shinmai Maou No Testament x Male Reader insert In this world is the destiny of man controlled by some transcendental entity or law. Is it like the hand of god hovering a...
Record of Ragnarok. Man Vs God (Anime Crossovers) by SoraTempezt
Record of Ragnarok. Man Vs God ( Sora Tempest
The gods have decided to end all of mankind but a brave Valkyrie stops and challenges the gods to face off mankind and they accepts the challenge. The Valkyrie Heir got...
After a long battel with Griffith and the god hand, Guts dies succumbing to his grieves wounds however fate has other plans for him as Monty Oum reincarnates his soul in...
(Berserker Beyond The Gate) Berserk X Gate  by Ice_wallow_come9
(Berserker Beyond The Gate) Ice_wallow_come
(berserk x Gate: thus the JSDF Fought There) after Casca was taken by the army on the other side of the Gate Guts and his friends go through only to find themselves sep...
Multiverse Watch Anime War (By MaSTAR Media) by Cosmic66
Multiverse Watch Anime War (By BlueRainbowSky66
Goku was training and enjoying life with his friends and family, when suddenly, he find himself in a familiar place. The Movie Theater from last time! Goku, Evil Goku an...
Black Bunny by ArcofUA
Black Bunnyby ArcofUA
Izuku Midoriya is a Quirkless teen who has been through hell, but his Quirklessness won't stop him from taking revenge on those who have ruined his and many others' live...
Like An Angel (Griffith Berserk)  by Tearsonlyknow
Like An Angel (Griffith Berserk) by Magnus
She speaks like an angel, but fights like the devil
Berserk Golden Arc I: The Egg of the King  by BlackSwanCosplay
Berserk Golden Arc I: The Egg of BlackSwanCosplay
Guts and Camilla, two wandering mercenaries, wandering from battle to battle in search of greater opponents to challenge their strength. After one particular castle seig...
Guts x Reader | Berserk by theberserkxr
Guts x Reader | Berserkby theberserkxr
Includes smut, fluff, etc. All characters are 18+ Not my characters!
"Clash of the Berserkers"- Fate/Zero by gokugunslinger
"Clash of the Berserkers"- Fate/ gokugunslinger
The Holy Grail War is a ritualistic battle fought to determine who is worthy of commanding the Holy Grail: an omnipotent wish-granting device. The war is held between se...
One shot: A Flight Attendant's Mistake by Pathologymaster
One shot: A Flight Attendant's Pathologymaster
Flight attendants grave mistake brings Tharn a rich business man and Type a passenger with 3months old baby to meet . Inspired from a random insta reel
Scenarios And Preferences by mnfrlein
Scenarios And Preferencesby Jianna
ALL CHARACTERS AGED UP TO 18 This book was inspired by: @New_Skara_Scream Cover Edited By Me, But The Original Photo Is Not Mine So Credits To The Rightful Owner. Copyri...
Under the Mirror by so_sure
Under the Mirrorby so_sure
It's a simple concept, really. Good versus Evil. Hero versus Villain. The Rowdyright Boys ... and the Powerpunk Girls. ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~ The Rowdyright Boys a...
The new Mayor (RRB x PPG) /Completed/ by RRBxPPGships
The new Mayor (RRB x PPG) / RRBxPPGships
(Read description) A story of the girls having to deal with the new mayor no one knows how the RRB came the new mayor but everyone just suggested that they had the most...
Anime One-Shots by SSJ_Warrior
Anime One-Shotsby Bean Daddy
A collection of One-Shots from animes or anime books I've created in the past pretty much
Ppgnk Girls (Descendants) by KatsukiDarling19980
Ppgnk Girls (Descendants)by AngelDevil 👼😈
These three isle villains were born by an unknown villainess and daughters of hades to stay say he keep the three girls names in download but now figuring out their olde...
Musical Freaks by LifeSucksBullets
Musical Freaksby F.U.C.K.Y.O.U
Being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be , sometimes you wanna go back to the simple life, but what if the simple life isn't so easy, what if I told that the POWERPU...
Absolute Limit (BNHA x Izuku, but he is basically Guts from Berserk) by AnonomysRandomGuy
Absolute Limit (BNHA x Izuku, EverythingIsFuckingFine
I FINALLY GOT THE MOTIVATION TO WORK ON THIS AGAIN!!! Fair Warning, 1) As I write the story, I will probably make changes as I go along and 2)I will probably suck at thi...
This will decide by Rockiestcafe
This will decideby Rockiestcafe
What anime I should watch
Reunited by SpiderQueen8
Reunitedby Spider
At long last, Casca's mind has been restored. But will things be smooth sailing from here or will Guts be stuck patching up a sinking ship? This takes place right after...