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the framed soldier by Nightfighter45
the framed soldierby Nightfighter45
Izuku Yagi a boy born quirkless but given a chance to be a hero by his dad All Might but was framed for being the U.A. traitor and having everything he worked years for...
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Cold War: Saved By the Bell by TheGucciTurtle
Cold War: Saved By the Bellby TheGucciTurtle
The Fith and final installment in the Cold War series, Anthony Petrov, formerly known as Bell, wakes up in a strange place with strange faces. Having been asleep for ove...
The Burning Rose by Mad-Comrade
The Burning Roseby Mad Comrade
Beaten down daily, given barely any food, and insulted and mocked at every turn. This was the life of Brann Rose. His mother ignored him, his father beat him and insult...
Black ops:zero ~[temporary discontinued] by Nathaniel561
Black ops:zero ~[temporary Blackops
During the third Cold War you were sent to investigate strange power surges in Singapore and they sent you alone since your the most badass motherfucker the cyber ops ha...
Alien vs Predator X Male Black Ops Reader by huggablepanda341
Alien vs Predator X Male Black Shy Guy
Let's take an already crazy fighting duo and add a cybernetic badass fighter to the mix.
A true Russian Never surrenders! (RWBY X COD)Abused and Neglected Russian Reader by SpartanOfLegendary
A true Russian Never surrenders! ( GhostOfShawn
I was abused and neglected from my family. With my Father and my mom. But my sister help me. And my uncle too. I just ran away from my Tai's House. And the portal came n...
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Black ops:school by Nathaniel561
Black ops:schoolby Blackops
Ok so I feel like my call of duty stories are more popular so this is going to be Gakkou Gurashi x black ops 3 and I will include characters from the anime and the manga
Nikolai x vodka (black ops III) by opxtyz
Nikolai x vodka (black ops III)by L
This story is dedicated to SirDirk you owe me a lovestory between nikolai and his beloved vodka <3
Zombies in Real Life (Story/Bloopers) by Lavander_Prime
Zombies in Real Life (Story/ Lavander_Prime
This is basically just something I made up where me and my friends are filming YouTube videos and we are filming our own kind of Zombies from Black Ops 3, because I like...
RWBY: We are Black Ops by enderghost52037
RWBY: We are Black Opsby enderghost52037
When the White Fang destroyed his village, a village where Faunus and Humans lived in peace, He seeks vengeance. His best friend betrays him, kills his older brother, is...
A Perfect World by Nickdabeast03
A Perfect Worldby NicktheNightlight
The Primis cycle was a continuous event for the four heroes, and there was no way around it... but what if things went a bit differently. What if, instead of Maxis "...
Uprising (A Call of Duty Black Ops III & Steven Universe crossover) by SPETSNAZ2020
Uprising (A Call of Duty Black SPETSNAZ2020
(Based on the missions from Black Ops III's campaign that's set in Egypt) As Nile River Coalition aggression rises in Egypt, the country calls for outside aid to help pu...
Human | COD Zombies Fanfic by agirlinsomefandoms
Human | COD Zombies Fanficby Professional Fangirl
"I'm only human, after all." In which four girls are the key to saving the world.
My one-shot book for COD zombie ships by Itsnotaphasemom2
My one-shot book for COD zombie Mystarr King
hola its me mystarr (yes that is my real name) and i'm making a book for ships in COD zombies fanbase, so yeah enjoy 😁
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Eclipse Code + BO3 SEASON PASS CODES by SeasonPass
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Eclipse Eclipse DLC
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Eclipse Code DLC Download Free The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Eclipse Map DLC includes t...