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Gate old world blues by user444890
Gate old world bluesby user444890
Disclaimer:I do not own fallout or gate as fallout belongs to betheasda softworks and gate belongs to takumi yanai illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and kurojish 3 years aft...
Fallout of Azur Lane by user444890
Fallout of Azur Laneby user444890
Disclaimer:I don't own fallout or azur lane.Fallout belongs to Bethesda softworks.Azur lane belongs to yostar limited. When the great war of 2077 occured most of the US...
Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshots by AdorkableMochi
Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshotsby lemme hit ur juul
Our favorite tin can decides to pal up with the amazing sole survivor to have some wacky and flirty everyday adventures during the nuclear fallout! (Requests are welcome...
Azur Lane: The Lane of the Fallout by FalloutUSS-Pride2077
Azur Lane: The Lane of the Falloutby Emperor-NJI-Yashima
October 23, 2077 is day were is the USS Pride of the America is In Miami Harbor. USS The Freedom of the Americans is on the ways out it harbor. USS Constitution is out o...
Gate: Wastelands by Shadow_trooper
Gate: Wastelandsby Shadow_trooper
A fallout x Gate Story
Jaune ark claw bar by LawerenceGarza9
Jaune ark claw barby Lawerence Garza
Jaune was an outcast after his fails transcript was revealed. the kingdoms cast him out to the island where an failed kingdom rest with it's people fighting.
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV  x BNHA) by Amochi_s
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV...by ChooseGoose
The sixth courier is send to an entire different world full of heroes and villains after an experiment went wrong in Old World Blues. Now he helps Mr. House to put a dom...
Bounty Hunter by RachelAukes
Bounty Hunterby Rachel Aukes
Being a bounty hunter in the wastelands isn't easy, and it's about to get a whole lot harder. The world went down the crapper a long time ago. Then the revolution came...
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x Overwatch) by Cmonkey512
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x...by Muffin
Overwatch is looking for an edge over Talon. Winston has an idea for a teleporter that can scan radio frequencies and teleport someone to the source. It's assembled, so...
fallout x reader one shots by fallout_geek_
fallout x reader one shotsby 🌿sage🌿
one shots from FALLOUT 4 and FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS HIGHEST RANKS: #1 in fallout & #1 in fallout 4
The Mechanist: Reader x BNHA by GASTLY42957
The Mechanist: Reader x BNHAby Rhogar
A boy born without a quirk. He dreamed of being a hero. His parents were mechanics, also without a quirk. They They repaired cars, and sometimes super hero armor. This...
Arknights react to Storyteller by NotTheRealCaesar
Arknights react to Storytellerby NotTheRealCaesar
The Doctor of Rhodes Island along with other operators watch Shoddycast's Fallout Storyteller. I don't own neither of these two franchise, Fallout is Bethesda, Storytell...
Big Iron on his Hip (FalloutNV X Highschooldxd) by guyontheinternet121
Big Iron on his Hip (FalloutNV X H...by Randomguy
(I own nothing, not Fallout New Vegas, not Dxd, and NONE of the pictures) As the author was playing Fallout New Vegas because he got himself addicted to it. A sudden lig...
The Doom Slayer finds himself in a strange world with none of his vastly surperior arsenal. Will he survive this harsh new world of the Mojave? Or will he need a helping...
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Vegas) by Th3_Sl4y3r
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Ve...by ArandocalledSlayer
Meh, Description are just glorified spoilers
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanfiction) by Phoenix_Trash
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanficti...by Phoenix_Trash
The girl hid in the shadows of her dimly lit closet, shaking in fear. Her father Bellowing out curses like there was no tomorrow. A small voice attempted to sooth the be...
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The House Comes To Boston (New Vegas Reader x Fallout 4) (ON HIATUS) by DoctorRedinator
The House Comes To Boston (New Veg...by
You, (Y/N) (L/N), are by no means a good man. Known for your utter ruthlessness and body count, your name is scarcely brought up in a good light. You've done jobs for th...
Arknights: Fractured Memories by Immortality_Sucks
Arknights: Fractured Memoriesby Immortality Sucks
Rosmontis doesn't remember much about her past. The second she woke up she was riddled with bandages and other medical stuff she can't seem to remember the name off, eve...
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x Helluva Boss) by coffeeman9000
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x H...by CoffeeMan
As (Y/N) was looking through a old library, he stumbled across a book. A near perfect intact book in fact! But this isn't just any book, it's a grimoire from hell! Not b...
Arknights: From the Wastes by N7Captain
Arknights: From the Wastesby N7Captain
After sacrificing his life to stop a rogue robot from launching a nuclear bomb, the Courier must now live his life in this strange new world. What mysteries await him? C...