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Promised Marriage (BOSSNOEUL X FORTPEAT FF) by Justpennamephoebe_
Promised Marriage (BOSSNOEUL X Phoebe
Published: 01-28-2024 Short story Fanfiction
My Innocent baby by Loving_writer7
My Innocent babyby Loving_writer7
Rain a cute,stubborn,innocent boy who don't know about world,love,sex he thinks everyone is good. sky his bestfriend always saved him from bad people,what if phayu the m...
Our Heart (Rewritten) by PperryBoNoh
Our Heart (Rewritten)by P’Perry’s BoNoh FFs
Boss loses his girlfriend in a terrible accident and her family decides to donate her heart to a person in need. A year later, Boss meets a transferee named Noeul and it...
Special Fondness (PayuRain AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Special Fondness (PayuRain AU)by Rain
COMPLETED A historical story about getting married first and falling in love later, a gentle beauty who got sold by his father to pay off the latter's debts, who got mar...
One More Chance..?  {Phayurain} *getting rewritten* by slickstranger
One More Chance..? {Phayurain} * stranger on the internet :)
Betrayal, regret and forgiveness? What will happen when rain's whole life falls apart? Why did things go as they did? And what will happen when Rain meets the people who...
Love finds its way  by Payu_Rain_my_love
Love finds its way by Payu_Rain my love
Story will be based on "Enemies to lovers" Rain and Payu both are spoilt rich brats They both flirts with every one And so many instances makes Rain to hate...
Drag me Away by ArashiEul
Drag me Awayby ultra babe waist
have you ever wondered if you let a stranger take you anywhere away from a certain place? that happens with Rain ,whose heart is broken, decided to let the first person...
The Last String by Messy_Serendipity
The Last Stringby Cha
A story where Jake is a famous singer in Thailand and Noon is a striving fresh graduate from the countryside trying his luck in Bangkok. Jake is a reckless idol who does...
Nothing Matters  by maichinggg
Nothing Matters by Chaikamonkey
"Khun Phayu, your lover involved in an accident. He's..." Phayu can feel his heart stopped.
My Forever Sunflower 🌻 by YesiraAzmi
My Forever Sunflower 🌻by YesiraA
It's a love story of PrapaiSky..... sky meet Prapai instead of Gun on that day at club and become friends. Sky loves Prapai but it remained unrequited because of misund...
Lonely Hearts by AtaraxiaLongborn
Lonely Heartsby Ataraxia Longborn
Phayu has started a new journey in life with his career and everything is looking up for him. He has the perfect business, perfect friends, perfect employees and success...
PLAYING WITH FIRE  by taynew_bounprem_4321
Read the prologue and decide whether to continue or not I really think you will like the story. Payu and parapai love rain and sky so much.. a mistake changed their l...
Прости меня... by Kira_Lee8884
Прости меня Kira
- На твоем месте... я бы пристегнулся! - и резво дав по газам, Босс рванул с места. - Проклятье, ЧАЙКАМО-ОН!!!! Я ненавижу тебя!!!
In Your Element by UnimportantName
In Your Elementby Newbie_Queen
[PrapaiSky (Main) and PayuRain (Second)] In his mid 20s, Prapai is given the responsibility to take over his family's Mafia, Element. Alongside him is his best friend...
LOVE ONCE AGAIN  by maichinggg
LOVE ONCE AGAIN by Chaikamonkey
Phayu and Rain were past lover. They both reincarnated and found each other again.
The Code Within by crazyflakes
The Code Withinby ✨crazyflakes✨
***COMPLETED*** Boss, a seasoned Cybersecurity Manager, is a pillar of expertise and dedication. His sharp instincts and unwavering commitment to protecting the company'...
Like A Glass by maichinggg
Like A Glassby Chaikamonkey
Phayu thought Rain was cheating on him and broke up with him. But when Sky told him the truth, how will he gain Rain's trust back? Most importantly, how can he gain Rain...
Whipped  by maichinggg
Whipped by Chaikamonkey
Another messy story
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