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The sexy boi across the room  by whooperchi
The sexy boi across the room by S
you see one sexy boi across from chick fil a and suddenly... you die also sexy boi is a girl and a boy
i will always come back to you  by jadenxhossler
i will always come back to you by 🤠🤠
josh and ness are the toxic couple we love. read more to see what i mean :)
Murdoc Works at Chick-fil-a by wattwattinthebutt13
Murdoc Works at Chick-fil-aby Ur mum gay
Murdoc broke his famous bass guitar, El Diablo, playing vigorously during a killer recording session. Yet again striking another deal with the devil for the best bass he...
fake it to make it (a Niall Horan love story) by niallhoranbae7
fake it to make it (a Niall niallhoranbae7
Olivia Austinson crossed paths with Niall Horan. in order to fulfill a dare, Niall pretended to date her. one thing led to another and Olivia found herself on a plane, a...
The Cow Goes Moo by heyyimkarinaa
The Cow Goes Mooby heyyimkarinaa
Cow walks into Chick FIL A after a late night of eating grass and exercising his calves. He walks inside to see a gorgeous Cow eyeing him up and down, what will happen n...
Billie daylight hours by charlieoreos
Billie daylight hoursby ew soup
Working under a demanding guy while loving the job and people wasn't something Anne enjoyed, but the chaotic neutral cats made her stay on for the better. If you adore c...
Never Gonna Give You Up  by dee_bad_bassist
Never Gonna Give You Up by dee
Sometimes, being the third wheel isn't that bad. Sometimes, it's enjoyable. But how would Karen feel if the manager is suddenly calling for her? Co-written by @Panicking...
The Game Cock of Fate by notaJSUstudent
The Game Cock of Fateby notaJSUstudent
They called him Cocky for all the right reasons. He was the star of every sport, ripped like a present on Christmas morning, and a total ladies man. Beautiful mascots we...
Carter falls in love at Chick-Fil-A  by Alyssabloop
Carter falls in love at Alyssabloop
A wonderful love story about romance and chicken❤️🍗
My Pleasure by this_is_not_serious
My Pleasureby Inigo Montoya
Y/N is on the brink of giving up hope of finding her one true love she met years ago at a Chick Fil A. She has just received news that she is being forced to marry the g...
my tales of being a TRANSGUY by sincerelydaniel
my tales of being a TRANSGUYby just danny BOY
idk man i figured i'd try to explain my dysphoria///and tell stories about being a transkid-transteen
Sympathy by jadeaelliot
Sympathyby Jade A. Elliot
A Short Story Thoughts were running a thousand miles an hour in my head, but it was as if the world was moving through jello, like in one of those recurring nightmares I...
Chick-Fil-A Is So FAUNCY <3 by HotNSpicyChicken
Chick-Fil-A Is So FAUNCY <3by Jawanda
Basically just me ranting about random stuff but if you want to read it... Go ahead...I already warned you though #224 in bored 5/14/18 #44 in ranting 5/25/18