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Eldritch, Green, and Freckled by TodorhoekiShoeto
Eldritch, Green, and Freckledby Tododokidoki
When his mother died in an accident and the only people he considered family couldn't afford to take him in, 8 year old Izuku Midoriya ends up being in the right place a...
Moth Hero Academia by GoldExperienceAct2
Moth Hero Academiaby Deidaddy
A teen born with a disturbing quirk is destined to never be a hero. Well, if he hates villains, and can't be a hero, why not be a grey area?
Monsters x Reader by SuckerPunchMyGuts
Monsters x Readerby Deactivated
The Forest Thing by Minion_of_Chaos
The Forest Thingby Minion_of_Chaos
The Bakugo family go on a camping trip for the weekend and return with a new family member. The plot for this fic by @true_neutral_fandom on tiktok. If you want to know...
Cuddly Midori by erisofnyx
Cuddly Midoriby Eris of Chaos
Midoriya is a very tactile person, hugging, hanging, sleeping one everyone. Alt. Midoriya is UA's resident cryptid, always appearing and disappearing at will to get his...
Scary Stories and Urban Legends by femenoodles
Scary Stories and Urban Legendsby femenoodles
A collection of the creepiest short stories! Some are my own and some I have found across the internet.
A New Tailypo by GDeNofa
A New Tailypoby Gina
An alternate tale about a person's encounter with a strange, tenacious creature.
𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝙾𝚏 𝙸𝚌𝚎 || 𝚆𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚐𝚘 𝚇 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 by RaspberryStyx
𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝙾𝚏 𝙸𝚌𝚎 || 𝚆𝚎𝚗𝚍 RaspberryStyx
Hi, this is a Wendigo x Reader story. You go to wendigo territory to see if they are real or not and have an unexpected experience with one of them.
𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐈𝐒𝐄 // 𝘚𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘯 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥 𝘹 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳 by EllieIsALegitWriter
𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐈𝐒𝐄 // 𝘚𝘪𝘳𝘦� 𝙴𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎
𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬 {𝐘/𝐍} 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐜𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞, 𝐚 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐢𝐧�...
Cryptotrappers! by CryptoTest
Cryptotrappers!by CryptoTest
A high school student who lives a boring, normal life suddenly discovers unique inner talent that gets him hired for a super special job in a secret agency with only one...
izuku: monster and cryptid enforcer  by Deltarex2000
izuku: monster and cryptid Saul Sanchez
after events of all for one defeat, izuku walk back to class, but instead of greeting. He was attack, and expel for being a traitors. Izuku felt lost in his life, but a...
The Wendigo |Villan Izuku| Being Rewritten  by crayonmarkerbox
The Wendigo |Villan Izuku| Being crayonmarkerbox
Ever Since izuku has learned he's quirkless he has been bullied and taken advantaged of but He can't take any more of it and decides to end it all in the forest only to...
RAUNCH - Damien LaVey x Reader  by Greased_Weasel_Tango
RAUNCH - Damien LaVey x Reader by Greased_Weasel_Tango
"Alright then. I'll go to hell." - Mark Twain (Y/N) was sick to death of how her life was going. A scoundrel of a father, a new step-family, avoiding parole...
Siren head x Reader 😳👉👈 by Siren_head_is_daddy
Siren head x Reader 😳👉👈by Siren head bbg
Siren head is a creature that Trevor Henderson made and posted on his instagram and twitter by the usernames @trevorhenderson for Instagram and @slimyswampghost for Twit...
Weird, unsolved mysteries of the world by CheetahGirl29
Weird, unsolved mysteries of the Saadiyah★
In this book you will find the most weirdest, unsolved mysteries of the world. Some baffled scientists for years but there isn't an answer to all these mysteries even af...
Y E L L O W by CrimsionCat
Y E L L O Wby CrimsionCat
Without a clue to do, She had no choice but to go with the flow. Hopefully she doesn't drown in it. (Reposted from my account on A03 Kat1477)
Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World by CheetahGirl29
Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of Saadiyah★
Seeing is believing. In this book you will find the most weirdest, unsolved mysteries of the world. Some baffled scientists for years but there isn't an answer or explan...
All  things  HORROR  x  reader  ( One shots! )  by sutured_seamstress
All things HORROR x reader ( SUTURE⥂ 遠ヒ何
From your favorite 70's-80's slashers (not excluding other memorable horror film monstrosities), to horror game characters, cryptids, and the old classic horror icons- t...
The Monster Mash (GXG) by ASMorrow
The Monster Mash (GXG)by Auburn
After losing her best friend to the Boogeyman, Mackenzie Mills goes from girl gang member to coward, but Mack has hope she can start fresh at a new school. However, when...
Fifty Shades of Mothman by _Nova_Comics_
Fifty Shades of Mothmanby Nova
A Mothman x male reader story. (smut) After years of searching for the famous Mothman. You finally find him, only he's much more than you expected. (Still in progress)