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Purity in the Stars *Maleficent: Mistress of Evil- Udo Love Story* by XxBrunette_GirlxX
Purity in the Stars *Maleficent: M...by Akahana
It started the day the sky was painted with red. Whether it was from that cursed red iron, or the blood of falling Faes, Yuna did not know. What she did know, however, w...
Starting Over by Ray_Of_Sin
Starting Overby Ray
Yes I am aware there are mistakes and yes I will get around the changing them at some point Jayland is an alcoholic. Spending his days in the local Taven drinking his so...
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ever after? by Z18M9Malrae
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily eve...by ᶻ¹⁸ᵐ⁹
Heyy there! It's me, Z again! I've wanted to write a Maleficent × Diaval fanfiction for quite some time already, and when I watched Maleficent 2 and stumbled upon this b...
Spring's Last Hope by JessicaPowell481
Spring's Last Hopeby Jessica Powell
After 14 years away, Emily Gates returns to her childhood home for her mother's funeral. In the midst of grief and confusion, Emily maintains a façade of strength, but t...
The Next Oracle by IngridMWright1
The Next Oracleby Rebekah Cook
Oonagh spends every day as a slave in her own Aunt's home. She hasn't even seen her own reflection since she was five years old. When a handsome stranger attends her A...
A Tangled Wed - some weird-ass spider man au thing. by RowanProcrastination
A Tangled Wed - some weird-ass spi...by RowanProcrastination
Don't even ask. I spend a lot of time trying to escape reality so here's the result of that. I might upload some of the concept sketches but I'm not sure yet. Anyhow, it...
A Dark Fae's Touch by RheelShadie
A Dark Fae's Touchby RheelShadie
He is her Darkness...... She is his Light....... In a world where different realms exist, and magic is the core existence of it all, the Light Fae Kingdom and the Dark...
Dark Fae by MorriganWestwood
Dark Faeby Morgan Atkin
Eritrea is the last of her once mighty race. She took part in Thorin's quest to reclaim Erebor, finding love in Kili Durin. When he died she was broken. Legolas helped...
Blood and Tears (all 9) by Azallya
Blood and Tears (all 9)by Lya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability to tra...
The Jester's Court (ONC2021) by brhr14
The Jester's Court (ONC2021)by brhr14
ONC 2021 In the land of Nodin, an outcast fae is used by nobility in many unsavory ways. His strange looks and bird-like wings deem his blood tainted and him unworthy of...
Born To Die [Lost Girl] (ON HOLD) by Rose_Petal_Witch
Born To Die [Lost Girl] (ON HOLD)by -`,twisted
Abandoned by our parents when we're babies, we get thrown head first into a new world just out of sight of humans. The world of the fae, both dark and light. Which side...
Dark Fae: Rebellion by sd1229
Dark Fae: Rebellionby Shelby
Could you leave the only life, the only home you'd ever known if it meant giving a brighter future to someone you love? That's the decision eighteen year old Eira Evers...
Iris ( maleficent fanfic)  by Bri05128
Iris ( maleficent fanfic) by Bri05128
Iris moves to a town close to the castle of prince Philip she had just gone trough a horrible situation and needed a place to stay only 10 at the time she meets Claude(g...
Dawn  by Moonimaky
Dawn by Ruthie1234
She was the result of a union of day and night. She was Dawn. He was the result of a union of the sky and of the nature. He was a Hybrid.
A Deal With The Devil by MegLovesCookies
A Deal With The Devilby Meg🍪
Deals with the devil were and always have been... dangerous. Kige made no attempt to hide what he was. There he sat, smiling at her. "Rita." He dragged her nam...
Dawn l by NEO_22
Dawn lby NEO_22
After all your true identity shall come to light.
The Chosen by julysforever
The Chosenby Eternal7
The dark fae are a extinct race said to be the strongest to ever walk the earth and their queen Alexa and her brother Alexander were the fiercest of them all, until ever...
Words. by thesarrows
Words.by thesarrows
poetry collection.
Ava Akamine (Mindbender). LostGirl OC by missglitterlove144
Ava Akamine (Mindbender). LostGirl...by Kat
Faceclaim: Stella from Jonas Brothers L.A Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue, black when angry Powers: mindbending, will to end. Sort of telepathic. Species: Dark Fae born...
Wanted book 1: Amnesia? ( a slenderman love story) by TINYcupcake
Wanted book 1: Amnesia? ( a slende...by Jack Skellingtons Favorite an...
17 year old Lexi is an orphan who lives with her foster parents, brother Neil, older sister Nina, and younger sister Macy. Her foster brother Neil has feelings for her e...