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A Whaler's Tail  by Rai_Lie
A Whaler's Tail by Lie
Long ago there was a gang of supernatural Assassins called the Whalers Lead by the legendary Assassin Daud who one day spotted potential in a street kid In becoming one...
The perfect Assassin by lolgamer823
The perfect Assassinby wendigo
when the descendant of Corvo attano is suddenly iseaki'd into the world of Rising of the shield hero. how will David Attano survive as none other than the Assassin hero.
The Shadow Brander ( Male Reader x Harem) by Alienhunter01
The Shadow Brander ( Male Reader Alienhunter01
It just happened all in one day before my very eyes and then the next day I have died just to be revived by a man that has no name he told me that it was wrong for socie...
FALLEN ANGEL (Grimmified!Reader x rwby) by Redhoodfan1
FALLEN ANGEL (Grimmified!Reader Redhoodfan1
Alexander Pierce was the best student in Beacon. He beat Pyrrha Nikos. So when Beacon is attacked, Alex fought back. Almost took them down, too. But, a sword through che...
The New Face  [Adopted And On Hold ] by TheNekoAssassin
The New Face [Adopted And On LazyNeko
Dishonored from the Gods. Disowned from his very father. Percy Jackson has lost everything... yet gained something. A Camp Half-Blood Camper... to a Dark Magic Vigilant...
By The Outsiders Eyes (Rwby X Dishonored Male) by HunterKaldwin
By The Outsiders Eyes (Rwby X Raven Scene
(Y/N) had no idea about his father's past connections with a certain group of people, and a certain entity that is beyond the world, what will happen when something chan...
A Human's Goal, An Agent's Duty, And A Squid's Quest. by Whom_is_this
A Human's Goal, An Agent's Duty, Whom?
"The journey's been long and enduring'll be worth it in the end." - Veronica --- "I can't let them get away, my duty as an Agent forbids it."...
ships one shot (character x character) by damianshimada
ships one shot (character x damian shimada
This is a oneshot of two characters I ship pls enjoy
Daud's Children. A Dishonored x Reader Story by SpawnyXTheGamer
Daud's Children. A Dishonored x Ynwaps
None Of You Asked For This...But...YOUR GONNA BE DAUD's SON So Ye-"Should We Gather For Some Whiskey And Cigars Tonight?"
FemCharacters X femReader by jaynuggy
FemCharacters X femReaderby Kindaliving
Requested female characters x fem reader oneshots. Smut, Fluff and angst.
Master Thief [Dishonored x Thief 2014] by KamiAlloy
Master Thief [Dishonored x Thief Kami
Corvo, after failing to gather support for the epidemic plaguing Dunwall, is forced to The City to find help. The Master Thief, however, had plans of his own. Dishonored...
Dishonored: The Fall of Keplin by Ziggymp3
Dishonored: The Fall of Keplinby Ziggy Watene
After Corvo Attano tipped Dunwall over the edge by letting Havelock jump off a building with the soon-to-be empress, he escapes to Malin, an island far away from Gristol...
Dishonored: the Phantom of Dunwall by Travelling_Writer
Dishonored: the Phantom of Dunwallby SAM
Dunwall, the capital of the Empire of the Isles, is a city on the verge of collapse. The streets crawl with rats and the poor souls ravaged by the plague, while the rich...
The Tradesman(Male Reader X RWBY and multiverse) by AnAverageComedian
The Tradesman(Male Reader X RWBY Rlanod Moroe
Meet Y/N L/N, runner, tinkerer, and a faunus with a penchant for being an asshole. Growing up outside the kingdom of Vale, he was the best at what he did. Delivering pac...
Wish You Hell (Male!Reader x Hazbin&Helluva 'Hell')[Disc.] by WardenMain90
Wish You Hell (Male!Reader x 𝐖𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔫𝐌𝔞𝔦𝔫90
"Here we go again..." Jumped off the side of a skyscraper in the middle of Hell... Who is Alastor? What did he do when he's alive? What did he do before Hazbin...
Corvo: Dishonored and Defenseless by calculatedmess
Corvo: Dishonored and Defenselessby Raccoon Lord
Corvo had been the one frozen in stone after getting the Mark removed by force, leaving Emily to take back the throne. After Delilah is trapped forever in her own hell b...
The Dragonborn, The Bard, The King and The Headhunter by St4rkiller2001
The Dragonborn, The Bard, The S0u1c41ib3r
I do not own Skyrim or Fable or any other game that is in this book
DisHonored 2 (Rp) by King_-Sebastian
DisHonored 2 (Rp)by King_-Sebastian
You'll know about it if you've played the game