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THE 5TH KINGDOM  by AutisticCountryBoy
THE 5TH KINGDOM by Autisticcountryboy
The Kingdom of Concordia, home of many species and creatures thought to be myths, is the fifth kingdom of Remnant. Being around a little longer them the other kingdoms r...
FOR THE REPUBLIC  by AutisticCountryBoy
FOR THE REPUBLIC by Autisticcountryboy
400 years after Judgement Day America was the only nation that survived and decided to put an end to its isolation and reveal them selves to the four kingdoms
Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six Siege) by lDepressedEspressol
Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six DepressoMyEspresso
I'm a criminal, I'm a lone wolf, I'm dangerous. My past has defined my future all my life, but not anymore. My actions have caught the attention of a counter terrorist o...
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Perifidy by Stupidifed333
Perifidyby Stupefied333
The White Mask Terrorist Threat is ever rising. Six does something Rainbow has never done before: recruits a spook. Will he be able to meld with the others? Together, ca...
Spider-Man: Agents of the Division by Wuss_DWimp
Spider-Man: Agents of the Divisionby Bare
A deadly smallpox virus is released during Black Friday and destroys the lives and the city Spider-Man fought for years to protect. Cut off and left without help from SH...
Division's Frontline (Male Division Agent X Girls' Frontline) by wr3kl3ss
Division's Frontline (Male wr3kl3ss
The T-Dolls are given a strange, unspecific mission in the middle of a peaceful day. The only details given to them is that they are going to America, specifically Orlan...
The Division(1&2)(Malereader x Females) by God777Gaming
The Division(1&2)(Malereader x God777Gaming
A male reader x female characters Warnings: Violence, Abuse, Strong Language, and other forms of warnings. I do not own The Division or The Division 2. I just played the...
Rainbow Six: Bloodlines by fanficemporium
Rainbow Six: Bloodlinesby Paul Holland
"Bloodlines" is a fan-fiction epic based on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege by Ubisoft Montreal. Spanish authorities in Ceuta request Rainbow's help in dealing...
(ARKNIGHTS X THE DIVISION) The Savior by tenderstuff
***NON-CANON FICTION STORY FROM BOTH STORIES*** A story of a man who has amnesia has to become a Doctor who will lead a group of infected people to fight for a better wo...
Rainbow Six Siege X Reader by _That-One-Kid_
Rainbow Six Siege X Readerby _That-One-Kid_
Hello! This book is open for requests for rainbow six siege. There's not a lot of content for most of the operators, so I decided to make some. The plan is to get throug...
Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow Six Siege Story) by Vortex9651
Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow Vortex
He's mysterious. He's secretive. He's dangerous. Jun "Wrath" Geong is motivated to kill by an unknown source or cause, but he's determined... And determination...
The Breach by hype_and_space
The Breachby hype_and_space
Fanfiction set in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. As more and more corruption is shown in the Division and general SHD ranks, a few agents decide to get to the b...
Rainbow Six: The Hereford Chronicles by fanficemporium
Rainbow Six: The Hereford Paul Holland
A collection of Rainbow Six: Siege short stories featuring various operators, on and off the base.
Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The Division (FanFic) Crossover by AlexKrad
Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The Alex Krad
Rainbow 6 is experimenting with new gadgets that can potentially change the world. However, Division agents from New York believe the Rainbow squad is inadvertently help...
[Story fiction crossover between Blue Archive and The Division] [I DO NOT OWN TWO OF THESE ORIGINAL GAMES] Dylan Garrison, the Second-Wave Division Agent comes back to D...
highschool dxd x the division (crossover) by andifaiz2
highschool dxd x the division ( andifaiz
Y/N hyoudou twin brother of issei hyoudou is a agent of division that was created if the world in crisis.
The Agent And The Princesses (Reboot) by SPETSNAZ2020
The Agent And The Princesses ( SPETSNAZ2020
This is a reboot of the original Agent And The Princesses by me! When Adora, Catra, Bow and the other elemental princesses discover a portal, they enter it without any w...
The Neuroi, attempts an unprecedented invasion of Hawaii. The 'specialist ' unit, tries to figure how to, 'smash' the stalemate.
R6S: Hell To Pay by ShadowDark42
R6S: Hell To Payby ShadowDark42
After the Attack on Bartlett, a highly trained specialist within delta Force Operative began to gun for the masks in her own war against the masks. R6S x Call of Duty x...
Beau (A Rainbow Six Siege original character insert/ OC X Ela) by catch__22
Beau (A Rainbow Six Siege catch__22
'You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.' A story following my first original character and their journey to joining team Rainbow. This will e...