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Rough and Quick  by SeleriaCook
Rough and Quick by Seleria Cook
This is a very short smut scene I wrote because I was sexually frustrated plus it's one of my fantasies. This is possibly triggering due to certain words and actions so...
A Hunter and His Prey (Toji x reader)  by emperor-taquito
A Hunter and His Prey (Toji x Shell E
You're on a lovely hike with your Dom, Toji.
Her Darkest Salvation (COMPLETE) by Dreamy627
Her Darkest Salvation (COMPLETE)by Dreamy627
In a world where the supernatural crawl, Elira Abbot has always been sheltered by her very Christian parents, always hearing the names of supernatural but having no proo...
Submissively Yours by Chunkuzzz
Submissively Yoursby Chunkuzzz
It tells the story about a Jake who cannot say no to Maxeul Norman .... Jake Golding had the perfect life he was popular in his school had a girlfriend ,but his life ca...
Pleasured Mind by Coral_Rose_
Pleasured Mindby Coral_Rose_
Erotica 18+ This was a story I wrote for my partner, and I asked if I could post it and was told yes. The story is mostly in the submissive's POV, but the dominant's...
good little housewife by itsryleab
good little housewifeby itsryleab
Leo and Talia live a traditional life--Leo goes and works and Talia is expected to tend to the house and have dinner home waiting for him when he returns from his nine-t...
Quick Stop In The Alleyway  by sexual10sions
Quick Stop In The Alleyway by sexual10sions
Your dom decides to take you down an alleyway. They push you up against the wall and the fun begins.
The fucktoy by AIRJJ66
The fucktoyby AIRJJ66
This is not for kids trust me
Dependency by pyongpyong--
Dependencyby pyongpyong--
Louis Williams is a 19 year-old boy who has severe anxiety when it comes to being left alone. His worst fear is being left alone. He can't be left alone. Someone always...
Boys Discipline School for Misbehaviours  by BooBlahBlahBlah
Boys Discipline School for BooBlahBlahBlah
Leo is not one to follow the rules, living in a big city, he can go wherever, especially with a rich father, not millions of mansions rich, but rich. After yet another...
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Boy best friend smuts  by sarahedge88
Boy best friend smuts by sarahedge88
All about the things best friends get up to
Secretive Love  by vvanessa0009
Secretive Love by vanessa
Edward and Jacob have smegs. That's it.
well well, look who's FUCKING HORNY again by jadeashl
well well, look who's FUCKING Jade
a place to write smut when i'm horny but don't feel like getting off 👍👍
Taekook Oneshots by Tatascooky9597
Taekook Oneshotsby Kim Taegguk
A very self indulgent Taekook Oneshot collection
Held  by mac12223
Held by mac12223
A girl that got kindnapped. A ruler
Kitty Kisses by Vasi652
Kitty Kissesby Kiwoo.mi
In the heart of Seoul, Minho, the popular kid, and Jisung, the shy introvert, cross paths at a cat cafe. United by their love for felines and music, they form an unlikel...
My Mommies  by Freaktown567
My Mommies by Mamamoo Hip
charlie was a shy, quiet, nice, kindhearted person on the outside and on the inside she was a sexual deviant who craved for her mommies touch she was a brat at times unt...
Draco's girl  by eowynm1000
Draco's girl by eowynm1000
Draco and y/n really love to show love and affection especially if the bedroom😏😏😏
Bothered up (DEADPLATE, Dead Plate) by Frankzly
Bothered up (DEADPLATE, Dead Plate)by XanderWonders
A red haired man approaches a restaurant, or a bistro. he was indeed in a desperate mood to find a job for someone special, he then avoids, strolling by the bistro witho...
Mommy and Emily  by kbabiesk
Mommy and Emily by kbabiesk
This is a story about Emily and her mommy, Lana. This is an age regression story. There is NO actual "mother" and "daughter." If you don't like it...