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Nightmare And The Babybone Sanses by sirsen
Nightmare And The Babybone Sansesby sirsen
When Nightmare said he wanted a group of monsters that would be loyal to only him and cause mayhem, he didn't mean four babybone brats. Now he has to take care of them w...
Hidden for so Long (Sans AU x Reader) {Remake} by RandomWriter-Chan
Hidden for so Long (Sans AU x Read...by Just Here & Thinking
Long ago, two races ruled the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans... wait no, the monsters were vic...
Another Me? - [Dust!Sans In Undertale] by Clorox_Is_Better
Another Me? - [Dust!Sans In Undert...by Clorox_Is_Better
What if Dust!Sans ended up in the Undertale world? #1 Dusttale, March 8 2023 #3 Chara, February 28 2023 #1 Frisk, March 6 2023
Former Time Trio. by cheetahgod
Former Time Trio.by Willey Yao
I DO NOT OWN FORMER TIME TRIO, THIS IS A FANFIC! The owner of FTT is unknown but most likely Redrum. The human. It was all the human's fault. Everything I (we) gone thro...
Ashes to ashes Dust to Dust by DecayingKing
Ashes to ashes Dust to Dustby Hello there
I want to make a story about Dust tale sans. however I want to give him a whole new personality, background and even powers. somethings will stay the same. but if your i...
Murderous Desire {Dust x Reader} by Haru_Writes_0
Murderous Desire {Dust x Reader}by Haru
After a close friend of (Y/N)'s introduces them to their 'Skunkles', they quickly hit it off due to their mutual distrust of humans and disdain of humanity. This...Skunk...
Outlook by Inuhoseki
Outlookby Nobody cares....
Paps has died even though the human chose to be on the pacifist route. How? Sans tries to figure it out, but is surprised greatly at his findings. And what he has becom...
Dust Motivator by KO_Shadow11
Dust Motivatorby KO_Shadow11
Everyone knows about Dust!Sans, the crazy megalomaniac that killed his AU in order to gain EXP an LV to defeat the genocidal human. He later on joins Nightmare and keeps...
GlitchDust by adamabyss12
GlitchDustby adamabyss12
This is Glitchtale, but the beginning is different. Instead of Sans being his usual self, he turns into himself from Dusttale, where he killed all of the monsters and ga...
GlitchDust's alternative by KRDZ_Knight
GlitchDust's alternativeby Devil's writer of unknown
This plays like the original version with some few faces and familiar events. However, what sets apart the original and this version is that both split into two paths. H...
A Dusty Knife (Dusttale x Creepypasta) by Dragon17122
A Dusty Knife (Dusttale x Creepypa...by Dragon17122
It's a cold night. Dust flows through the woods in the wind. I sit on a tree stump, listening to the sounds of the Night. It's relaxing, yet the sounds seem to be warnin...
THE GENOCIDE NEVER ENDS! (Male Reader X RWBY) by Prototypical-inFamy
THE GENOCIDE NEVER ENDS! (Male Rea...by Prototypical-inFamy
DISCLAIMER: Wingdings 3 font will be used for Gaster. I do not own RWBY or Last Genocide, those belong to their respective owners! P.S: Obviously since this is a fanfic...
I'm not one of you <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
I'm not one of you by Shea_Butter
Frisk is a scientist in the laboratory of Ebott City, where she works with her Roomate and coworker, Chara. Frisk discovers anomalies beyond compare once she creates a d...
MADNESS (neglected and abused DUSTTALE SANS! reader X RWBY) by ICANREAD265_2
MADNESS (neglected and abused DUST...by ICANREAD265_2
Y/N rose is a member of the Rose/Xiao Long/ Branwen family. Only they don't see him as family. He is an outcast to them and is not given the respect that everyone else g...
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader] by sighnerd
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader]by *=Dial-Up=*
A young woman, left alone after her family sadly passed in a car accident, suffers with PTSD and Anthropophobia (Fear of people.) Her only happiness in this world is the...
UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED) by TheGrinningKitten
UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED)by TheGrinningKitten
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys) by Stitch1123
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys)by Dematoid
Au Sanses x Reader If you like edgy and scary Sanses, and romantic and fluffy and edgy scenarios, then this is the book for you!!
Bad Guys x reader by RascalSansKacchan
Bad Guys x readerby Ireland Flag
(Y/N) was a normal girl but she was homeless since her parents kicked her out a month ago. But that all changed when Nightmare saw how negative she was. But what happens...
Lone (Bitty!Dust!Sans x Reader) DISCONTINUED. by mbaird422
Lone (Bitty!Dust!Sans x Reader) DI...by Kat ⁉️
"..Do you think even the worst person can change..?" (Y/n) one day got into a terrible accident, gaining some sort of weird "amnesia" of some sort...
Murder in the Alley [ Dusttale!Sans x Reader ] by morrow-
Murder in the Alley [ Dusttale!San...by space sloth
He killed them all. Dust, down the waters of the the forest it runs, through the veins of the skeletons and the demons that prowl the night. It's the silent enemy, the a...